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From Machu Picchu to Healthcare Recruitment: Navigating Different Terrains with Purpose

by CoreMedical Group

In the heart of healthcare recruitment at CoreMedical Group, there's Michael - a Long-Term Care recruiter in the Travel Nursing division with a passion for the outdoors and a heart devoted to healthcare.  As he navigates the intricate world of matching nurses with their dream assignments, his unique approach of personal experiences and professional drive shines through.

Michael G BlogMeet Mike, A Long-Term Care Recruiter in the Travel Nursing Division at CoreMedical Group.


Tell us about yourself:

I currently work as a Long-Term Care recruiter at Core. Embracing the outdoors is a core part of my lifestyle. Whenever possible, my girlfriend and I embark on travel adventures and hiking escapades, which makes our proximity to the white mountains an absolute delight. Last year, we undertook a remarkable 5-day trek to Machu Picchu during our 2-week expedition to Peru. Our recent achievement includes conquering the Pemi Loop in just 2 days – a challenging 32-mile hike encircling the Pemigewasset Wilderness near Franconia Notch. Apart from hiking, I cherish the simple moments spending time with my girlfriend, Lauren, and our two  dogs, Machu and Clara.

Q2: What inspired you to pursue a career in healthcare recruitment, and how has it influenced your professional journey?

My passion for healthcare kindled my interest in healthcare recruitment. My earlier role in the administrative sector of an urgent care center failed to resonate with me in the long run. Seeking guidance, I turned to my cousin, a healthcare recruiter, who became the  main influence for my transition into this field. The impact has been profound. This role aligns with my desire to make a difference to the world. It's fulfilling to know I've found a role that brings me contentment.

Q3: What is the most memorable or rewarding experience you've had while recruiting?

A standout memory was when a travel duo faced a last-minute housing crisis on their way to Maine, just before their assignment start date. Swift teamwork by my colleagues and myself ensured a new housing arrangement within budget, only 30 minutes from the facility. Witnessing everyone unite to solve the crisis was truly heartening, and the positive outcome made it even more special!

Q4: What qualities do your candidates possess that allow them to truly shine in the healthcare industry?

I seek candidates who epitomize a mix of compassion, adaptability, and exceptional communication skills, qualities essential in the dynamic travel nursing field. The nurses who thrive possess commitment to patient well-being. Their adeptness to new environments, coupled with strong teamwork skills, renders them invaluable assets to any healthcare team. In addition a nurse with these qualities usually perfectly aligns with our mission at CMG where we "make it happen" and strive to "make a difference." 

Q5: What strategies do you use to ensure a successful match between healthcare professionals and their respective roles?

My approach centers on a nurse's personal interests. I invest effort to ensure that every job offer a nurse receives is aligned with a facility they're genuinely excited to be a part of. This involves meticulously evaluating all aspects of contract openings that align with a nurse's skills and prerequisites. This strategy ensures the utmost satisfaction for my travel nurses, building a foundation for their  success. Additionally, this builds a bond of trust between myself and my candidates, reassuring them I have their best interest top of mind. 

Q6: How do you stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the industry to better serve traveling healthcare professionals?

My approach for staying  aware of travel nursing trends involves active engagement on social media platforms. Regularly, I share rapid-paced job opportunities on my LinkedIn page and in various travel nursing groups. To gain insights from both a nurse's and recruiter's perspective, I follow nurses and nursing blogs, creating a comprehensive view of the industry's evolving landscape.

Michael's story is one of passion, purpose, and dedication. Through his outdoor adventures, commitment to meaningful healthcare placements, and careful problem-solving, he embodies the spirit of CoreMedical Group's mission. As he continues to connect nurses with assignments that not only fulfill their professional aspirations but also resonate with their personal passions, Michael continues to be a positive presence in the healthcare recruitment scene.


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