Travel SLP License Processing Timeframes by State

Below are the average license processing timeframes for speech language pathologists per state.

Please note that timeframes for verifications, transcripts, score transfers and background checks can affect the processing times, and each person’s situation may vary slightly. Please check with your traveling SLP recruiter to get more detailed information.

Verifications: Most states require verifications of all professional SLP licenses ever held, both current and expired. There is typically a form within the application package that you can use to submit your verification requests. You will need to copy this form and use one for each state in which you have ever been licensed. We recommend that you check with those state boards to find out the mailing address and fee for verifications.

Score Transfer: Some states may require you to request a transfer of your PRAXIS scores. If you do not already have a copy of your report on hand, the link to the request page on the PRAXIS website can be found here.

This request is an online process where you will submit your information and payment via the PRAXIS website. Your score report will be sent directly to the board. Some state boards may only require a verification of your ASHAcertification and/or your CCC’s. The link to the request page on the ASHA website can be found here. Your verification will be mailed to the board within 3-5 business days or faxed within 48 hours upon request.

Transcripts: Some states require original transcripts delivered directly from your school. Please read through the application carefully to see if this situation applies. If transcripts are required, the application package may contain a request form you can use to submit to your school. Always check with your school to confirm where these requests are to be sent and find out if they charge a fee for this service. Important: State boards will not accept copies of transcripts that you might already have received. They must be originals sent directly from the school.

CEUs: Some states require the completion of CEUs for licensure. Please read through the application carefully to see what CEUs, if any, are required for initial licensure.

State Timeframe Application Notes
Alabama Board meets the 2nd Friday of each month except March. Alabama SLP Form  
Alaska 1-2 weeks Alaska SLP Form  
Arizona 60 days Arizona SLP Form  
Arkansas 2nd Friday every other month Arkansas SLP Form  

If sending fingerprint cards: 5 months

LiveScan: 4-6 weeks

California SLP Form They offer a temp license, but it takes the same timeframe as the regular license and costs and additional $30. LiveScan or fingerprint cards required.
Colorado 2-3 weeks   SLPAs do not require licensing.
Connecticut 2-3 weeks Connecticut SLP Form  
Delaware 3rd Tuesday of every month Delaware SLP Form Complete application file must be in 3 business days prior to board meeting.
District of Columbia App needs to be at the board the Friday prior to the meeting date. Board meets 3rd Monday of every month. District of Columbia SLP Form Live Scan or fingerprint cards required.
Florida 30+ Days Florida SLP Form 1 hour HIV/AIDs education; 2 hours medical errors education
Georgia App needs to be at the board 10 days prior to board meeting. Board meets 3rd Monday of every month. Georgia SLP Form Online application
Hawaii 20-30 days from receipt of application Hawaii SLP Form  
Idaho Varies. Based on board meeting. Idaho SLP Form  
Illinois 4-6 weeks Illinois SLP Form  
Indiana CCCs 2-3 weeks; if no CCC, has to be board reviewed (meets quarterly). Indiana SLP Form LiveScan or fingerprint cards required
Iowa 3-4 weeks Iowa SLP Form  
Kansas 2-3 weeks Kansas SLP Form  
Kentucky Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month Kentucky SLP Form  
Louisiana 60 day grace period upon receipt of app Louisiana SLP Form  
Maine 2-3 weeks Maine SLP Form  
Maryland 2-5 weeks Maryland SLP Form No longer offering a temp license
Massachusetts CORI check run after app is complete - 2-3 weeks Massachusetts SLP Form  
Michigan 2-3 weeks Michigan SLP Form Fingerprint cards required
Minnesota 4-6 weeks Minnesota SLP Form  
Mississippi 1-2 weeks Mississippi SLP Form  
Missouri 30 days Missouri SLP Form  
Montana 30 days Montana SLP Form  
Nebraska 7-10 days Nebraska SLP Form  
Nevada 2-3 weeks Nevada SLP Form  
New Hampshire Based on board meeting- 1st Thursday of the month Call 603.271.8389 to obtain an application Must obtain criminal history reports from any state lived/worked in (done through state police); request application from board
New Jersey 4-6 weeks New Jersey SLP Form LiveScan or fingerprint cards required
New Mexico 30+ Days New Mexico SLP Form  
New York 2-3 weeks New York SLP Form  
North Carolina 2-3 weeks North Carolina SLP Form  
North Dakota 1-2 weeks North Dakota SLP Form  
Ohio Based on board meeting- need to check website for dates Ohio SLP Form  
Oklahoma Based on board meeting every other month- application must be complete 1 week prior Oklahoma SLP Form Background check required
Oregon 1-2 weeks Oregon SLP Form  
Pennsylvania 2-3 weeks Pennsylvania SLP Form  
Rhode Island 4-6 weeks Rhode Island SLP Form  
South Carolina 4-6 weeks South Carolina SLP Form  
South Dakota 2-3 weeks    
Tennessee 6 weeks Tennessee SLP Form LiveScan or fingerprint cards required
Texas 3-6 weeks Texas SLP Form LiveScan or fingerprint cards required
Utah 2-3 weeks Utah SLP Form  
Vermont 5-7 weeks Vermont SLP Form LiveScan or fingerprint cards required
Virginia 1-2 weeks Virginia SLP Form  
Washington 1-2 weeks Washington SLP Form AIDS education and training requirement; background check required
West Virginia 1-2 weeks West Virginia SLP Form  
Wisconsin 60 days; Normally takes 30 days Wisconsin SLP Form  
Wyoming 1-2 weeks Wyoming SLP Form  
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