10 Signs You Would Be Perfect for a Travel Nursing Career
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What is Travel Nursing?

Travel nursing is a short-term, contract-based career for healthcare professionals wishing to help fill nursing shortages at facilities across the country. Typically travel nursing contracts range in length between 8 weeks and 26 weeks, with most contracts being 13 weeks long. The shorter assignments also grant nurses of all specialties the freedom to travel all over the country every three months. Imagine New England’s finest foliage from September through November, the beaches of Hawaii from December through February, the West Coast in the spring, and the Midwest in the summer!

Who can be a Travel Nurse?

Anyone can be a travel nurse. With the need for nurses increasing within the U.S., RNs and LPNs will find travel nursing contracts available for nearly every nursing specialty in every state. Some nursing specialties, like ICU, Tele, OR, LTC, and Home Health, are more in demand than others. We recommend nurses have at least one year of experience before accepting travel contracts. Travelers are often expected to fill in where they are needed most, so a strong foundation in nursing and the ability to adapt to change are key characteristics of those who thrive in travel nursing jobs.

Why do I want to be a Travel Nurse?

Travel nurses get to see and experience the U.S. like few get the opportunity to do. Aside from the adventures, travel nursing jobs come with competitive pay, excellent benefits packages, free or low-cost housing, travel and licensing reimbursements, and more! With the same benefits as an RN or LPN in a permanent position, travel nurses have the independence to move from place to place, creating their own schedules and exploring the country with each new assignment.

How do I get started?

Travel nursing is a unique career opportunity with distinct requirements and opportunities. The first step in getting started as a travel nurse is to determine whether travel nursing is the right fit for you and your lifestyle. Once you’ve established that travel nursing is right for you, you’ll want to contact a reliable travel nursing staffing agency. Then you can begin your relationship with an experienced recruiter and venture into your first travel nursing assignment!

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