The Ultimate Guide to Club CoreMed

Discover everything there is to know about your well-deserved getaway, all wrapped up in one comprehensive guide. Ready to jet off for the time of your life? Let’s go! 

Your Peek Into Pure Bliss
Curious about the ins and outs of your ticket to paradise? Our guide covers everything from the captivating resort amenities to helping you pack for your trip. Get your guide on to ensure your Club CoreMed experience is seamless, satisfying, and unforgettable.
Smooth Sailing All the Way to Club CoreMed
We've simplified the journey to Club CoreMed into three steps, ensuring your adventure begins stress-free.
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Prep for Cancún

Mark your calendar and confirm that your passport is up to date (and valid for six months after you return).

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Pick Your Flights

Easily book your flights through our trusted travel experts at Corporate Traveler.

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Arrive and Thrive

Welcome to Mexico's Riviera Maya! Your airport shuttle is ready to transport you to lavish Margaritaville.

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