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A Day in the Life at ProActive PT

by Katie Keller, PT, DPT


How did you end up working at ProActive PT after graduating?

My name is Katie Keller, PT, DPT, and I started at ProActive PT in 2017, as a new grad. It was really important to me that I chose a great place to start my career, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I wanted to share my story and give advice to anyone looking to start or continue their career here!

I started working at ProActive PT in 2017, right out of school as a new grad. It was really important to me that I chose a great place to start my career, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Getting started with ProActive PT was a breeze. Interviewing was a multi-step process. It started with a phone interview and then moved to an in-person interview. Through these steps, I was able to get to know the position and the company well and also ask any questions I had.

Once I got hired, it was a breeze. There’s a great onboarding process so you never feel overwhelmed.

Getting started and onboarding

The onboarding process at ProActive PT was extremely beneficial. I was able to ease into things instead of just being thrown into any kind of madness. On my first day, after orientation, I ended up seeing only three patients. This allowed me to familiarize myself with the documentation system. I then began to work up from there. I felt like a member of the team from day one, and it was nice knowing that I’d always have a great group of people around me to help.

The onboarding process is 12 weeks long, but by week seven or eight, I felt fully acclimated and ready to take on a full patient load. My first few weeks in the position were busy, but well-laid out. Everything felt very organized and easy to complete.

I definitely had enough time to get comfortable with the clinic, use of the technicians, and eventually working up to a full caseload. Additionally, the weekly check-ins that I had, as well as all the other support, made the new position less overwhelming and helped me find a routine.

An average day in my life

I work 10 hour days, four days a week. I get in around 7:15am and start patient care at 7:30am. My lunch break is from 1-2pm, and I continue seeing patients until 6:30pm. My typical schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

I see around 12-16 patients a day. Initial appointments are one hour long and follow-ups are scheduled for every half hour. That’s where the variance in the number of patients I see each day comes from!

It is definitely a busy schedule. I see a lot of patients per day. Luckily, there’s an amazing team of techs, and we rely pretty heavily on them. They get the patients started by getting them settled in their rooms and conducting dynamic warm-ups. I never feel overwhelmed because of the great support team that I have.

Seeing patients

The community around my practice has a nice, small-town feel to it. There’s a great sense of community and we have a lot of genuinely kind patients—let’s just say, cookies show up often!

Our clinic treats a variety of patients. We help everyone from high school athletes to local laborers and construction workers. It’s great to help those who need it, and there’s a really great sense of community amongst the patients and the staff here at ProActive PT.

I would say my most memorable case was with a high school soccer player, prepping to play at the collegiate level, who experienced a ruptured ACL in-game. She did wonderfully throughout the repair and rehabbed back to full sport without limitations. With no fault of her own, playing recreational soccer, one month before the start of her college season, she ruptures her ACL again. The emotional component in conjunction with the physical component made for a rough rehab process ahead. However, with resilience and the support of ProActive, she is now playing soccer without limitations at the college level. Treating the patient as a whole really allowed this patient and athlete to experience a full recovery, and will forever be one of my most memorable cases.

I specifically see general orthopedics, including pain in the shoulder, low back, hip or knee. This brings in a wide variety of ages and diagnoses. Patients suffering from neurological deficits, such as Parkinson’s, after a stroke, or those with balance concerns are also routinely in the clinic. I specifically enjoy working with patients presenting with jaw dysfunction. We also have providers in the clinic that specialize in women’s health and lymphedema. ProActive really helps a wide variety of individuals!

There’s minimal administrative work

Every month, I (as well as the other staff members) take one hour to do a brief chart audit. This just helps to make sure that everything is documented correctly, as well as catch any mistakes that might have happened!

Overall, though, we have excellent Care Coordinators and Clinic Directors who take care of most of the administrative work around the clinic.

Additionally, there’s always the opportunity to expand other more administrative skills if you would like to do so. Some of the staff PTs assist with marketing if interested in the opportunity. With ProActive PT, you’ll always be able to expand and grow your skill set!

Company Culture

ProActive PT has a truly great culture. There’s a big emphasis on teamwork and being part of a bigger group. Everyone from the Care Coordinators to the PTs put in equal effort in making sure that each patient’s experience is as good as possible.

If I could choose a few words to describe the culture at ProActive PT, I would say “fun,” “professional,” “engaging,” and “active.” They really make you feel welcome and like you’re a part of the team! There are even funded quarterly team building events—we’ve done escape rooms, bowling, paddle boarding, pedicures, and more!

Once a month, all local clinics have a “Journal Club” meeting, where we discuss new techniques or research and discuss difficult patient cases. This event really allows everyone to network, get to know one another better, and continue growing and gaining knowledge!

Core Values

Each quarter, a core value is chosen as our motto. Everyone places emphasis on practicing by that motto, whether it be passion, empathy, commitment, integrity, dependability, or anything else.

I live by many of these values as well, and it is great seeing a company take such an active approach in ensuring that their employees are doing the best possible job of patient care. Achieving these values is rewarded by recognition and incentive programs, so great work never goes unnoticed!

The benefits of working at ProActive PT

ProActive PT has been such a great place to start my career. Working here, I have grown as much in the past two years as I otherwise would have expected to in five years.

ProActive PT really supports each member of their staff’s professional development. I have accumulated over 200 hours of CE in the last two years. The company offers excellent leadership opportunities, as well—if you want to grow in a certain area, you will be able to here!

You’ll receive competitive pay and benefits (healthcare, 401K, etc.), but working at ProActive PT brings a variety of things that you can’t find elsewhere—great culture, a team-oriented environment, awesome patients and coworkers, and an excellent overall environment.

How ProActive PT is helping me achieve my goals

I am always looking to develop my clinical skills. As a new grad, I really wanted access to CE and the ability to network and communicate with other clinicians. Having access to such great mentorship and the ability to truly grow in my career has been amazing!

ProActive PT truly supports their staff members’ individual goals. I am studying to take the OCS exam, and they have given me their full support, as well as excellent resources for studying.

I want to eventually develop in leadership and assist with Director roles. I know that I’ll always have all the support I need from ProActive PT!

If you’re considering working at ProActive PT you won’t be disappointed

I definitely recommend it! Especially if you enjoy people and being a part of a team, it’s a great place to work. I would be prepared to work hard—it’s busy, fast-paced, and there will be long days. But you’ll have an amazing support system and team.

The emphasis on quality of care means that your patients will be happy with their experience.

Patients walk in truly excited to be here. They’re excited to have us help them meet their goals and to get back to their lives.

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