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15 Ways to Make Relocating for a Permanent Placement as Pleasant as Possible

by CoreMedical Group

15 ways to make relocating for a permanent placement as pleasant as possible

Excitement, anxiousness, and concern are all things that you may be feeling if you have decided to relocate for a permanent placement. Your move may take you miles away to brand new experiences in an unfamiliar place, so it is important to find a way to tackle the details, both big and small, to decrease the stress related to moving. The best thing you can do right now is to start planning, become as organized as possible, and follow these relocation tips!

1. Get and Stay Organized

Budgets, Lists, you name it. Finding a way to keep organized when relocating to a permanent placement is going to make for a smooth transition. Creating a record of your spending will allow you to have a clear sense of what you’re going to need to spend so that you can better prepare and avoid the crazy credit card bills that pile up later. The budget should include anything from packing supplies, moving company expenses, deposits, and initial costs at your new location, food, and gas or tickets for travel. On top of these, saving a little bit extra for the first month you are in your new place is going to give you room for any unexpected expenses. Alongside your budget, curating lists will save you time and stress. Anything from your address change to discontinuing current services, preparing ahead of time will give you more energy to put into your new position!

2. Know What You’ve Got

Work with your permanent placement recruiter about bonuses and relocation assistance. Lots of places offer to cover relocation costs to employees moving to the area, so knowing who provides which reimbursement opportunities will play a key role in your relocation. Working with your permanent placement agency will help you understand what is available and how to get it.

3. Don’t Put Off Your Worries

It’s normal to be concerned about making a change in your life and relocating for permanent placement. Take time to listen to your fears and work them out. If you try to push them away, they will come back with a vengeance. Instead, dedicate time to thinking or journaling about your fears. What is the negative thing you think will happen? What are 1-2 positive things that could happen instead? Accepting your uncertainties will allow you to move on and start building positivity and excitement with your decision.  

4. Leverage Your Connections

Do you know anyone who lives where you’re heading? No? What about your family, friends, or professional connections? You may be surprised at who knows who (and where) once you put the word out. Leverage your relationships on Facebook, LinkedIn, professional associations, college alumni groups, etc. Having a friend or acquaintance in your new city can help you avoid building your network of friends and professionals from scratch. Meeting up with a family friend can help connect you to more people and keep you from feeling lonely in a new place.

5. Stay Connected with Your Support System

Change can be exciting! But it can also mean you may be miles away from your support system. Being separated from the people who love and care about you can cause you to feel disconnected and experience homesickness. It’s essential to stay connected with those that support you and make you feel “at home.” There are plenty of ways to bridge the gap between yourself and your family and friends using technology. Facetime, Skype, Google Duo, and more can get you front and center to your family’s events via video call with the click of a button. You can also use social media apps like Instagram to remain connected with your friends and family, including using Instagram stories to share all your new adventure photos. Doing your best to keep close ties with your support system will help you fight off homesickness and enjoy all there is to offer in your new city!

6. Recreate Old Routines

Re-establishing old routines can diminish some of the changes that come with moving. Go ahead and find your morning run spot or secure a new gym membership to maintain familiar routines. Search for a new favorite coffee spot or a yoga studio to get back into your groove. Try to keep the same or similar hours of waking, working out, eating, and sleeping as you were before your move to help your body transition into a new place. The more you feel like you’re on a consistent routine, the easier it will be to get used to your environment.

7. Experience New Things Often 

Make a list of new opportunities and do them! Moving to a new place offers chances to try things you have never experienced before. Not only will it be inspiring to involve yourself in all the new stuff, but it is also a great way to meet new people!

8. Embrace the Fear

You will be anxious. It’s inevitable. Any significant change in your life will activate the parts of your brain that trigger uncertainty and anxiousness. Adaptation, however, is all about going with the flow. By understanding that there will be points during the move where you will be scared, embracing your fear will help you move forward with your transition faster. It’s time to increase your independence, rebrand yourself, and rewrite some of your previous habits.

9. Cut Yourself Some Slack

To go along with embracing fearful feelings, you must cut yourself some slack before, during, and after your relocation. The truth is, it’s going to take some time to shake off the “new kid on the block” feelings. Give yourself a sizeable grace period to settle into your new existence.

10. Unpack Fast

Don’t waste time when it comes to unpacking. Immediately organizing your living space will make you feel more at home and less likely to become homesick. This is your own form of nesting. If you keep all your things in boxes, bags, and suitcases, you’ll never feel like you belong in your new location. Plan to set up your internet before moving in or right when you move in. Turn up your jams that set the mood you’re looking for and start setting up your humble abode. The quicker you can create a cozy home for yourself, the quicker you can begin experiencing all the new and exciting things your new city has to offer.

11. Find Your 3rd Home

You’ll have a healthcare facility and an apartment, but what about a third location? If you start to feel like the walls are closing in and you aren’t leaving the house, it’s time to find a 3rd home. A coffee shop is an ideal 3rd location because it provides this natural balance of noise and quiet, as well as human interaction and solitude. For starters, the white noise of a coffee shop is both comforting and productivity-increasing, and you can choose to read a book or make new friends by interacting with patrons.

12. Prepare Yourself to Say Yes (A Lot)

Networking! Social Events! Do all the things! Sign up for a recreational league or meet up with a friend of a friend for drinks. The best way to grow a new network is to say yes to social events. It can be challenging to join an already established friend group or agree to meet several strangers at once. Still, you never know when you could wind up making a great professional connection or a lifelong friend.

13. Map Out the Essentials

Take a virtual stroll through neighborhoods with Google Maps’ Street View. Become familiar with your commute to and from work, and locate hotspots like the grocery store, gas stations, and laundromats.

14. Make and Manage Appointments Now

Chances are your “wiggle room” before the move is going to get filled up with vital tasks. Prep for your next permanent placement job by making all necessary appointments upfront. Grab your eyeglasses prescription, fit in a dentist appointment, get your pet microchipped, and anything else you can think of well before you begin to pack boxes.

15. If You Can, Visit

Transitioning from a visitor to a dweller is a significant change, but you can lessen the blow by spending more time exploring before your big move. Get a feel for the neighborhoods so you know what would fit you best. Tap into local news, blogs, and Facebook groups to get a beat on what’s happening in the city. Meet up with one of those acquaintances that already lives there and get a tour of the local spots. Familiarizing yourself with your future surroundings will help you better choose the location that suits you best and remove some of the anxiousness that encompasses moving to a new place.

Relocating into a permanent position can be a bit overwhelming, but it will bring new and exciting things! Focus on staying on top of the move by getting organized and being open to change. Remember that change is a good and natural part of life and everything will work out!


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