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Best Ways to Stay Connected as a Locum Tenens Professional

by CoreMedical Group

Best Ways to Stay Connected as a Locum Tenens Professional

As a travel physician assistant, finding a consistent time to stay up to date on current events happening in the world can be difficult. Having easy access to the hot topics you are interested in at the click of a button is the best way to stay connected. That's why utilizing online resources can keep you engaged with the variety of news that releases every day.

The Skimm

If you are looking for a variety of news coverage in one spot, The Skimm is an excellent resource for you. You can access it as a website on your laptop or download it on your device as an app, granting you an easy way to get your news where and when you want it. The Skimm provides a news outlet that is categorized by topics, including tabs for emerging healthcare trends and career news, to access relevant and up-to-date information. Another perk to this site is their daily evening podcast. If you need something to listen to on your commute home or during your break, the regular evening podcast updates you on all the top news stories of the day. The Skimm also shares info through what they refer to as "Guides," where you can search for more details on each story. This versatile app allows Locum tenens professionals to stay current on topics like politics, science and business, international news, and sports and entertainment.

NPR One App

Staying informed can be challenging when your downtime for reading is slim. With the NPR One App, you can use audio to stream a multitude of radio stations, shows, and podcasts. When there are days with hardly any time for catching up on the news and you have long commutes, choosing a podcast or show is the perfect way to reconnect with both daily news and leisurely topics. NPR One App provides you with a variety of news options as well as shows that discuss current issues, storytelling and humor, and music.


If you enjoy being organized and are looking for a news outlet, Feedly is the perfect selection for you. Feedly allows you to create boards and feeds dependent on what topics you are interested in and what you would like to see more of. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through topics and news articles you are not interested in, you can arrange your materials to your liking. There are plenty of themes to choose from as you scroll through the "Today" tab, or you can use the search to find what topics you are looking for specifically. Another setting that Feedly provides is the "Read Later" tab, which is a great way to save articles you are interested in but too busy to read at the time. If you want access to even more materials, upgrades for Feedly are available for monthly fees.


Previously known as Read It Later, this online resource gives you the ability to manage articles and videos that interest you. Pocket has a collection of articles, videos, recipes, webpages, and information from apps for you to explore. Once you have selected what you are interested in, you have the choice to save to your account and the ability to view offline if needed. The "view offline" option is perfect for traveling and in areas of limited internet access. Another great feature that Pocket delivers is the capability to save material from sites that you visit so that your information is collected all in one place for easy use. Upgrades to your account are available if you would like to look at your collections without ads and keep the articles for as long as you'd like.


Like the Pocket app, Instapaper lets the user collect articles, videos, websites, etc. all in one location. With anything from relevant daily news to healthcare-related updates and career stories, Instapaper can gather all sorts of topics that interest you in one place. Considered to be a "bookmarking service," the app and website offer you the chance to store news articles and videos for later use. Using this kind of service can be helpful for a travel PA or locum tenens professional who is trying to stay engaged with daily news but is limited on time. If you are an interactive reader, Instapaper has an excellent highlighting tool that allows you to mark quotes, add comments, and share what you are reading.


If you are already a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, you have tons of info, including news related to PAs right at your fingertips. AAPA is a great resource when you are looking for healthcare news that is relevant to your practice as a contract PA. Another beneficial part of the AAPA website is the networking opportunities that are available across the country. Not only will you be able to stay up to date on news topics, but you can also remain engaged with the physician assistant community with meetups and mentorships opportunities. 


Podcasts have become a great addition to the way that we consume news and information. There are so many different types of shows to listen to; you can listen to news, career, or leisure topics. As mentioned previously, if you are driving to and from work and are unable to catch up on your reading, podcasts can allow you to do so. As a healthcare provider, there are countless podcasts related to healthcare and new ideas and research to learn about every day. TED Talks Health provides hours of interviews and presentations on the healthcare industry and new ideas that are generating. If you require a quick episode after a long shift or during your lunch break, 2 Docs Talk is another top healthcare podcast. For learning, Brain Matters offers everything you want to know about the brain, its functions, and the mysteries behind them. Whether you need to catch up on healthcare news or enjoy new topics of interest, podcasts are becoming the most popular way to stay current.

The multitude of ways that we can stay connected to the world has grown with the internet. There are tons of topics and even more ways to access them. Whether you enjoy reading or listening, these apps and websites will help you engage in what is going on in the world in a way that is convenient for you. 


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