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Healthcare Trends That Will Impact Nurses in 2020

by CoreMedical Group

Healthcare Tends that will Impact Nurses in 2020With the new year approaching, experts are talking about what top healthcare trends to expect in 2020. Working as healthcare professionals brings changes and updates to how you currently work based on these new trends. 

Healthcare staffing companies are looking toward the future and discovering how to keep up with these evolving trends. Booming advances in technology are at the center of 2020's upcoming trends, and it’s important as a travel RN to be prepared!


Increases in Patient Empowerment 

Patient education and empowerment are on the rise in 2020, and this means patients are seeking the best way to stay on top of their health. As independence in their care is growing popular, patients of varying ages and demographics are focusing on new behaviors to improve their health and decrease their need to seek medical attention from their primary care physician. This year, patients will begin to employ wearables to monitor their health. Wearables include items such as the Fitbit, Apple watch, and additional fitness trackers. More than just pedometers, wearables allow the purchaser to assess their heart rate and abnormal rhythms, sleep patterns, as well as detect falls and track other activity. Wearables are expanding, growing from primarily watches and wristbands to smart clothing, including shirts, belts, and shoes for run tracking. As the wearable trend develops, so does the opportunity for patients to become empowered when it comes to their health.

 As technology advances, so is the way patients are conducting their health care visits. One of the hottest trends on the scene is Telehealth services. Telehealth is primarily provided via video, phone calls, and websites or apps on your mobile device. The benefits appear to be substantial when it comes to the growing world of virtual health care. Telehealth can save time, energy, and money. These services could assist in physician and nurse burnout by reducing the number of clients to juggle in a clinic, thus allowing more focus on one patient at a time. Money spent on transferring patients from department to department and follow-up visits could be reduced, thus allowing patients to save money as well. Even more so, virtual access to wellness checks and promotional health may increase the number of patients actively participating, therefore decreasing hospital visits and overall illness.

With these advancements in access and communication, rural areas can be provided the assistance they need through consultations. Small rural critical care units can have the ability to access expert nurses at major medical centers, allowing for the improvement of care. The new year is bringing in more than simple patient education. It is a time when patient empowerment is on the rise, and patients are working to take their health into their own hands.


Increased Need for Specialized and Advanced Nurses

Registered nurses will undergo a change in educational and experience trends in this upcoming year. As care becomes more specialized, so is the expectation and demand for skilled RNs. Some specialized areas that have increasing needs for dedicated nursing staff include gerontology, psychiatry, and obstetrics. Advanced nursing professions are surging due to more significant opportunities in online education. RN-to-BSN, to MS in Nursing, or NP education and Doctor of Nursing, this new movement of specialized and advanced training is up and coming in 2020. Because of physician shortage, these advancements are becoming more favorable and prevalent in medical staffing. Nurse Practitioners are taking over a lot of patient care as they can work autonomously or alongside physicians. The perks of online education are also making continuing education and certification courses easier to complete and progressing specialized knowledge of the nursing field.


Breakthroughs in 2-3D Printing Technologies

 By far, one of the most groundbreaking advancements in technology is 2D and 3D printing for the healthcare field. In 2020, the print industry will further develop and expand into a multitude of different uses in the healthcare community. Personalized prosthetics and the robotics technology behind the fluid movement are becoming more widespread caused by the escalation of amputated limbs from accidents, diabetes, vascular disease, and frostbite. Rehabilitative devices and smart prosthetics are being developed to integrate humans and machines to gain function that is close to that of a non-prosthetic limb.

 Not only are prosthetics and robotics gaining traction in this upcoming year, but tissue engineering is also at the forefront of advancements as well. Referred to as “Bioprinting," the process prints 3D structures with living cells and engineered materials that become the new tissue. Bioengineers are using these new sources of tissues to create artificial organs, which can change the way transplantation is conducted. Artificially generating tissues are also being used in cosmetic surgery and regeneration. The increase in the availability of artificial limbs and tissues will continue to influence both patients and the healthcare professionals that are caring for them. Staying up to date and educated on the progressions of printing technologies will put you steps ahead at your next travel nursing jobs!

These are a few of the healthcare trends that will impact nursing in 2020. Technology is a big deal leading into the next 12 months, as it advances in a variety of ways that will change how nurses deliver care to their patients. There is a movement for patients to increase autonomy in the management of their health, evolving education in the nursing realm, and printing technologies that will make an impact on patient care. Are you ready to ring in the healthcare trends of 2020?


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