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Career Advancement: How Your Permanent Placement Healthcare Staffing Company Can Help

by CoreMedical Group

Carrer Advancement: How Your Permanent Placement Healthcare Staffing Company Can Help

If you have been considering seeking advancement in your nursing career, this year may be the perfect time to start looking! While beginning a search for medical career advancement opportunities can be overwhelming, this is when your permanent placement healthcare staffing company comes in. 

Discover all the ways that your staffing agent can help you advance in your healthcare career!

Industry Experience

Choosing a healthcare staffing agency with experience and ability to adapt to the changing industry can help you tremendously when looking to advance your career. Here at CoreMedical Group, we’re a leading healthcare staffing agency that specializes in traveling nurses, therapists, permanent healthcare professionals, and physicians, and we’ve been around for more than 20 years. Throughout this time, Core has grown and changed with the industry. Recruiters are insightful and have experience in salaries, industry trends, cost of living details, and more. They are aware of the progressing demand of highly educated nurses and the opportunities that are becoming available. Having been on the scene for so many changes throughout the years means that we know the ins and outs of the healthcare industry and what specialties are in demand at what times. What better way to start a new journey than with someone who knows what to expect!

Established Connections

Networks, relationships, connections. All of these are vital to advancement in your career. Staffing agencies like CoreMedical Group have created relationships with a multitude of hospitals, school systems, and home health organizations. Reputable agencies have a better understanding of what kinds of candidates they are looking for, thus providing your permanent placement recruiter with an understanding of the best fit for you. Each facility has their own requirements and culture, and your recruiter understands not only what you have to offer, but also how your skills and personality will fit with the organizations for which you’re interested in applying.

Proven Track Record

Making decisions on how you are going to work toward your career advancement can be a little unnerving, but you must remember others have been in your shoes. It’s relieving to be able to relate to someone in your similar situation and be able to see the positive outcome that they experienced, such as those who have been with CoreMedical Group for both their travel job needs and permanent placements. For instance, traveling physical therapist best friends Abby and Lauren shared their love of their career path and wanted to travel together.

“Lauren and I both knew that we wanted to come out to California eventually,” Abby noted. “Our recruiter, Chris, told us that we would have a lot of luck out here with jobs, and he ended up finding us jobs with the same home health company!”

On the other end of the spectrum, new grad nurses Vanessa and Christina were able to find the perfect permanent nursing opportunity that provided continuance of their education and mentorship at a teaching hospital to further expand their careers.

“I am very thankful to be a new grad in the Special Care Unit,” Vanessa shared. “I have learned a lot so far and am continuing to learn. Because it’s a teaching hospital, the staff have been wonderful and are always offering a helping hand.”

Resume Building

While the use of a template off of Google may seem like the easy route to take when building your resume, working with your medical staffing agency can take your basic resume and turn it into one that will stand out and make its way to the top of the pile. Permanent placement agencies work closely with employers and are conscious of what the healthcare companies are looking for when reading a resume. The nursing facilities are dependent upon the staffing company to provide quality candidates, and your recruiter will be skilled at fleshing out your current role and translating your skills to apply directly to the position for which you are considering. You want your resume to be formatted with professionalism and portray your talents and skills to help you land the job, and that is precisely what they’re trained to do!

Interview Preparation

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone in your corner rooting for you before your interview with a new organization - especially if you’re interviewing for a more advanced role? Interview prep is another perk of working with a staffing agency while looking for career advancement. You’ll get to take advantage of one-on-one interview preparation with someone who knows what companies are in search of when talking to a future employee. You will be able to utilize Skype to practice and test your video interview skills so that you can receive coaching no matter where you are. You can receive constructive feedback from someone you trust to nail the interview! Your recruiter can help you control those pre-interview jitters and lower your anxiety by making sure you are prepared for anything. The better equipped you are, the less scary it will be, and the better your interview will go.

Advanced Nursing Careers

It’s important to accumulate as much information as possible about these advanced nursing career positions so you can make the right moves. You may think you are not qualified for specific jobs; however, that may not be the case. Advanced roles such as managerial or director roles may require particular leadership experience; however, other step-up positions may be available, like a staff RN for Assistant Nurse Manager position, or Nursing Supervisor role. With the growing need and availability for advancement in specialized areas, you may find that you would like to pursue more advanced possibilities in the fields of psychiatry, pediatrics, or ICU. Whatever you decide, your permanent placement healthcare staffing company can assist you in planning not only your next steps, but also how a move in the next year can launch you to an even better career move down the road.

It’s no secret that advancing your nursing career can be an exciting and daunting task, but it’s worth it! There are a ton of opportunities available to you. Before you dive into the world of healthcare career advancement alone, consider the help that permanent placement agencies like CoreMedical Group can provide for you.


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