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Medical Careers in Demand: Top Specialties for Nurse Practitioners

by CoreMedical Group


You may be starting on your path as a nurse practitioner, or you’re in search of what specialty you may want to pursue. If you’re considering the world of NP jobs, this area of medical professionals is in high demand! Below you'll find top specialties to help you decide which nurse practitioner jobs are right for you.

Family Nurse Practitioner/Family Medicine 

Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) earn certification in family practice and can provide a wide variety of care. They often work in private settings, doctor’s offices, schools, hospitals, and more. Working with patients of all ages requires a broad scope of knowledge. FNPs can provide examinations and screenings, treat mild and severe conditions, and educate on lifestyle and preventative methods. FNPs are like General Nurse Practitioners and can work in the administrative world to affect healthcare and as policymakers. This specialty receives an average annual salary estimate of $84,435 per year.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners 

Also referred to as Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) care for patients with mental health issues. They can examine, diagnose, and manage pharmacological interventions for patients. This specialty of nurse practitioners tends to work in private practices and mental health facilities that treat inpatient and outpatient clients. This area of medicine offers care to individuals who have experienced domestic violence, substance abuse, addictions, and additional psychiatric diagnoses. A large part of the treatment for these patients is to manage pharmacotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic medications and interventions for the best outcome. Psychiatric nurse practitioners bring in an estimated $91,298 per year.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists 

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are some of the highest-paid specialists in the medical field. Across the U.S., the median salary for CRNAs can reach $153,780. Administration of anesthesia is a specialized skill and requires more education and rigorous examination. CRNAs work with patients before, during, and after procedures. CRNAs are included in the process from beginning to end, from small medical procedures to complex surgeries, to ensure the best result for the patient.

Hospital Nurse Practitioner 

Emergency care is another area of the medical field in which nurse practitioners can specialize in. These NPs are referred to as Emergency Nurse Practitioners (ENPs). With the ability to work both independently or in collaboration with other disciplines, ENPs can care for a variety of individuals. They often deal with complex and variable diagnoses. ENPs are accountable for diagnosing and managing patients with acute illnesses. Emergency nurse practitioners also provide education and referrals for further follow-up care. ENPs gain a wide range of knowledge. This role can allow for careers in research, consulting, and health promotion.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner 

We’ve recognized that growth opportunities are significant to nurses. But, it can often be challenging to find time to complete the necessary continuing education. Providing more convenient access to the nursing staff’s educational needs can be a selling point when looking for potential hires. Nurses also look for the ability to receive compensation for travel upon taking courses away from home or the convenience of an online program for improving education and specialization. With the often-busy nurse schedule, being able to access online applications while working full-time can be beneficial in both providing your facility with educated nurses and being a part of nursing shortage solutions.

 While the nursing shortage may be a prevalent challenge at your facility, there are ways to combat this difficult time and hire qualified nurses to your staff. Raising the bar to meet the needs of the educational, financial, and work-life balance of your potential new hires can make all the difference in finding the right individual.

Radiology/Interventional Radiology Nurse Practitioner 

Interventional Radiology NPs specialize in radiology and imaging procedures. With roles in acute settings, Interventional Radiology NPs evaluate patients before and after procedures. These NPs receive patient consent for procedures, educating procedure needs, and work through the full physical assessments and patient history.  Experience as an RN in acute, critical care, and emergency nursing are educational requirements to pursue this specialty.

 With the advancements and development of the healthcare field, the desire for nurse practitioners is growing. Gaining a specialty in one of the above settings can provide salary increases and broaden the career ahead of you. Plus, you will have lots of options for travel positions since these roles are in high demand.




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