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The Pros of Interim Healthcare Management: Choosing the Right Career Path for You

by CoreMedical Group

CMG Pros of Interim Healthcare

Before jumping into any career decision, it’s best to weigh the pros and cons given your lifestyle and unique situation. Interim healthcare management could make sense for you now, or it may be an option you tuck away for a different season of life. No matter which category you fall into, understanding this more flexible career path will be helpful as you plan your future.

Career Consideration #1: Establishing Your Professional Roots

Establishing yourself in one place is the traditional career path. As a permanent member of a hospital’s management team, you tend to develop working relationships with colleagues, establish a professional reputation within that healthcare system, and climb the ladder at that facility.

Frequently, though, when you get to the managerial, directorial, and executive levels, your job becomes more stressful. Your off hours become on-call hours, and your work responsibilities list can grow without end. If that doesn’t sound appealing, consider interim management.

When you serve in an interim capacity, you know there’s an end in sight. You may be on-call for a 13-week contract, but you know there’s a reprieve coming. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you gave everything you had to the job at hand and made a difference while filling in for a director on medical leave or keeping a department running smoothly while new leadership was found.

Even though you may not have time during your short contract to cultivate deep working relationships, you are making important connections with key leaders in healthcare systems all over the country. Fellow healthcare managers and executives get a firsthand view of your capabilities.

This will serve you well if you’re continuing to build your resume or just wanting to expand your network. Rather than your professional roots being embedded in one location, they’re spreading further. This provides you with more diverse, valuable experiences to learn and grow from wherever your career ultimately leads you.

Career Consideration #2: Avoiding Workplace Politics in Healthcare

There’s no denying there’s politics at play in most hospitals and healthcare systems. Whether you’re skipped over for promotions, constantly up against red tape, or in an environment where everything is quid pro quo, workplace politics can quickly take the joy out of your job.

Some want an escape from the stresses of the traditional, routine life and the politics of working in one location long-term. Interim healthcare management provides just that.

When you serve as an interim leader, you become detached from the entrenched politics of a location. While you may have to deal with some red tape, you know your job is to keep things running smoothly, and it’s only for a short period of time. It’s not as draining on you emotionally.

Interim contracts are often 13-weeks long, giving you a fresh start every quarter, or the ability to take a break between placements. Imagine taking at least 2 weeks off between every contract, rather than desperately longing for your 2 weeks of vacation every year!

Career Consideration #3: Earning Free Vacations

Did you know that as an interim healthcare manager with CoreMedical, you can earn vacations? Our loyalty program, Club CoreMed, rewards our travel and interim management placements for referrals and contracts served by whisking you away to unforgettable destinations.

Next Step in Your Healthcare Career

Maybe a pivot to an interim management role wasn’t on your radar before, but perhaps it should be. Whether you’re single or married, a parent or an empty nester, the flexible, less-stressful lifestyle of a traveling clinical director or executive is yours for the taking!

Are you interested in what kinds of interim leadership positions we’re currently looking to staff? Or would you like to learn more about what interim healthcare management is all about?

Explore all CoreMedical has to offer and chat with one of our recruiters today – no strings attached!

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Have a specific location in mind? We have travel nursing, travel allied, Locum Tenens, and permanent healthcare career opportunities in all 50 states. Search our healthcare job database to find the 


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