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Spotlight on Leadership: Meet Aram, Our Visionary CEO

by CoreMedical Group

Meet Aram, the CEO/President of CoreMedical Group. This series is a spin-off from our Friday's Finest, which initially highlighted our talented recruiters. Now, we're turning the spotlight on our executive team. This provides an opportunity to get to know them personally and understand the factors that contributed to their success!

Aram blogPictured here is Aram alongside his wife and their three daughters.

About you: Previous roles to achieve the role you’re currently at, Tenure, Awards/Achievements, Hobbies?

My most significant accomplishment is the ongoing journey of raising our family with my wife. We are proud parents to three daughters, ages 6 to 13. As a close-knit family, we cherish our summer moments at the lake, engaging in activities like fishing and tubing. Golf has become a personal passion, providing an outlet for my competitive spirit. During winter, we embrace activities like skiing and snowmobiling. When we’re not spending time outdoors, we love to play the Nintendo Switch, which can get competitive.

Professionally, my 19-year tenure with CMG has been a rewarding trajectory. I started as an Account Executive in therapy, swiftly progressing to manage that division within a few years. In 2009, I assumed responsibility for Travel Nursing and later collaborated with operations teams. In 2018 I was appointed CEO, when our original owners chose to retire.

While my personal achievements are intertwined with the company's success, notable accolades include CMG being recognized as a "Best Places to Work" by NH magazine and even being placed in the hall of fame this year. Additionally, we’re consistently earning awards as one of the largest staffing providers. While I received individual recognition such as being named in SIA's "40 under 40" in 2018 my emphasis lies on the collective accomplishments of the company.

What inspired you to work in healthcare staffing, and how has it influenced your leadership style in this field?

When I joined CMG, my initial interest was in staffing, not specifically in healthcare. However, after a short time, I recognized the opportunity to make a positive impact on people across the country. Coming from a local market background, the realization that we could extend our services nationwide fueled my determination to contribute as much as I could.

Starting as an account executive focused on acquiring new customers in need of our services, I wasn't initially in a leadership role and lacked a defined leadership style. As I transitioned into leadership, my approach was rigid, and I wasn't the easiest person to work with. Over time, I've come to understand that life encompasses more than just business, and I strive to have a balance. Working closely with clinicians has played a crucial role in shaping my leadership style, emphasizing that our daily work extends beyond the logistics of staffing.

What qualities do you think make a healthcare staffing team successful, and how do you encourage a positive team environment?

Transparency is essential for a thriving team. Within a staffing company, relationships serve as the lifeblood, extending their significance both in the field and among teams. Effective communication about on-the-ground activities, ongoing recruitment efforts, and account management initiatives is pivotal. When one team moves in one direction while the other takes a different path, success becomes difficult. Our commitment to core values, specifically transparency and embodying the golden rule, is crucial for cultivating a highly functional team that prioritizes and nurtures relationships.

Can you tell us about a specific challenge your team faced in the industry and how it was overcame?       

During the initial wave of COVID, we faced one of our most challenging periods. The market was rife with uncertainty, particularly impacting our therapy division. As the pandemic unfolded, clients in the therapy space experienced a sudden drop in demand, leading to abrupt cancellations of our staff without prior notice. Despite numerous therapists being without assignments, their eagerness to contribute remained strong.

In response, our therapy division proactively collaborated with existing clients to pivot and address the needs of patients. Although the work shifted from therapy to Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) roles, our team found a way to provide essential assistance to those in need. In the end, not only did we succeed in getting our clinicians back to work, but we also ensured our clients received the care necessary to make a positive impact. The resilience and adaptability demonstrated during this challenging period highlights our team's commitment to finding solutions and making a meaningful difference.

Aram blog (1)

What type of experience do you look to provide for healthcare professionals who work with CMG?           

We strive to provide a concierge service to our clients throughout every step of the process. Each client is paired with a dedicated representative across all facets of our organization – from recruitment and credentialing to payroll and benefits. Our goal is to assure them that we have their back in any situation, and should any challenge arise, they know who to turn to for assistance.

Despite the emergence of technology attempting to disrupt traditional models, we believe in leveraging technology to enhance, rather than sideline, our relationships. We recognize the importance of the relationship between healthcare professionals and those they care for. We aim to deliver a comparable experience to our clients, ensuring that their interaction with us mirrors the nature of a patient's relationship with their healthcare professional.

How do CMG’s company values impact the healthcare professionals that we work with and in return positively impact the number of patients the company is able to assist?

We firmly believe that a positive customer experience has a contagious effect, fostering improved relationships and better patient outcomes, whether the customer is a clinician or a client. Our Core Values—making it happen, living the golden rule, giving back, don’t take yourself too seriously, and transparency—are designed to serve as guiding principles for our employees, particularly in the absence of leadership direction.

By embodying these values, our employees contribute to creating an environment where everyone who interacts with CMG receives the best possible experience. This commitment ensures that the positive impact of our core values shows in every aspect of our operations.


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