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Chapter One: Could I Be a Healthcare Recruiter? 6 Qualities of Successful Medical Recruiters

by CoreMedical Group


Looking for a new job in the Manchester, New Hampshire area? Consider becoming a healthcare recruiter!

You may be wondering, "What exactly does a healthcare recruiter do?" At CoreMedical Group, medical recruiters help connect healthcare professionals such as nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, physicians, and similar professionals with permanent or travel/contract job opportunities. 

Working as a healthcare recruiter is a great opportunity for recent college graduates as well as seasoned professionals from other industries who are looking for a change. CoreMedical Group offers a training program that will set you up for success, no matter what your previous experience covers.

So how do you know if you'll be a great fit for a career as a healthcare recruiter? These six qualities are key to success in recruiting: 

1.  Great communication skills

Are you a friendly person who loves talking to people? As a healthcare recruiter, you may be making more than one hundred phone calls per day. It is essential that you have great communication skills and are comfortable with talking to anybody over the phone. You'll also need to send emails and text messages, so be sure you're ready to communicate in a variety of ways. 

2.  A great memory

A great memory is a huge advantage for a medical recruiter. As a recruiter, you will be speaking with many different healthcare professionals in one day who all have different needs. An excellent memory will help you provide them with the best customer service - and it will help you stay organized when you're dealing with multiple requests from all of your candidates each day.   

3.  A competitive nature

At healthcare recruiting firms like CoreMedical Group, we maintain an atmosphere of friendly competition with each other and with other healthcare staffing firms.  If you have a naturally competitive nature, recruiting for a healthcare staffing firm may be the perfect career for you! Many of our team members played sports in college and continue to be actively involved in sports leagues. If you're always trying to beat the competition or win a contest, you could be a great fit for healthcare recruiting. 

4.  Work hard, play hard attitude

Many medical recruiters work beyond the typical 40 hour work week, either in the office or at home, following up with candidates.  When you're a healthcare recruiter, you need to be available for nurses or healthcare professionals that are busy with patients during the day.  But, rest assured - you'll have plenty of opportunities to "play hard" too on company outings, in the office game room, or on our annual all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean! 

5.  Resilience

As a nursing or allied health recruiter, you may experience a lot of rejection.  Sometimes candidates and jobs won’t match up well and a deal will fall through. But when they do work out, it's incredibly rewarding! Successful healthcare recruiters are able to stay positive and bounce back quickly from negative experiences. It will get easier the longer you're working as a healthcare recruiter. 

6.  Diligence

Recruiters have to hustle, day in and day out, to be successful. It may sound like a daunting grind, but when you give it your best every day, you will experience great results! A career as a healthcare recruiter can be incredibly rewarding for those who work hard to build relationships and put in the time it takes to grow your career. 

At CoreMedical Group, we offer healthcare recruiters a lucrative career path where their personal and professional development is encouraged and nourished. In addition to offering unlimited earning potential, we offer some of the best benefits in the industry, including the ability to earn a free, all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean every year.

Looking for a change, or for a start to a brighter future? Learn more about our career opportunities by contacting our Talent Acquisition Executive at 800-995-2673 or

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Have a specific location in mind? We have travel nursing, travel allied, Locum Tenens, and permanent healthcare career opportunities in all 50 states. Search our healthcare job database to find the 


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