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10 Reasons a Nursing or Therapy Recruiter Beats a Job Board

by CoreMedical Group

We know searching for a new job is tough. We're in your corner!

As a healthcare staffing agency, we are clearly in favor of working with a recruiter, whether you're a nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or other medical professional looking for a  new travel or permanent opportunity.

We understand that job boards serve a good purpose, but relying on a job board exclusively to find a medical job in today’s world is not only not recommended, but lazy.

Your career is a big part of your life. Give it the professional attention it deserves! Here are 10 reasons we feel having a healthcare recruiter in your corner beats a trying to find an opportunity on a job board. A recruiter can help you:


1. Find passive jobs.

Oftentimes, recruiting firms and hiring companies will not go straight to the job boards due to time constraints and costs. They will not only source candidates internally, but will make a quick call to a recruiter to see who is actively searching right now, or who is “keeping and eye out” for the right job.


2. Break into a company that you've been targeting.

A professional recruiter will have contacts with the top employers, as well as those that are in dire need. A recruiter will be your insider who can find the jobs by going directly to the source.


3. See what is going on behind the curtain.

A good recruiter will have valuable insight into a company's culture, hiring trends, and financial strengths in order to make good placements. They will also give you guidance about who you are meeting, what are key qualifications, how to get the offer, assist with interview feedback, and even salary negotiations.


4. Protect your current job.

In today’s connected world, employers have searches set up to not only see which candidates they may want to hire, but also for who may be thinking of leaving their own company! Having a third party doing your search will protect your privacy.


5. Stand out from the herd.

Swarms of people put themselves out on job boards and hope an employer will see them. A recruiter will be proactive and make calls on your behalf, making that candidate stand out from the rest.


6. Simplify your job search.

A recruiter working on your behalf will help you manage your schedule and interviews, track your resume, and help you keep your job search organized. We know that searching for a job can be a full time job on its own!


7. Be “the one”

Hiring managers hope for "exclusive" candidates. When they receive a resume through a job board, or through several recruiting agencies, their impression is that the candidate may be one of many and perceive them as having lesser value.


8. Control your personal information.

There are many stories of posted resumes pulled from job boards being sent to job listings without your permission. There are even unethical agencies that send first and ask later. A professional recruiter should ALWAYS obtain your permission before sending your information to anyone.


9. Prepare.

Would you go into surgery without a surgeon? A professional recruiter will be an expert in resume preparation, interviewing skills, negotiating, salary evaluation, and the competitive landscape. Having a recruiter in your corner will build your arsenal for this challenging process.


10. For free.

Recruiters are paid by employers to handle the many hours of sourcing and recruiting qualified candidates. That means you pay nothing for their services! Free is good. We like free.

A recruiter can bring a personal, hands-on approach to one of the most important decisions you can make: your livelihood. Why leave that in the hands of a computer program? Contact us and let us help you find your next travel or permanent opportunity!

By Jeremy Grimaldi
Travel Allied Health Recruiting Team Leader


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Have a specific location in mind? We have travel nursing, travel allied, Locum Tenens, and permanent healthcare career opportunities in all 50 states. Search our healthcare job database to find the 


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