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Extending a Travel Healthcare Contract: How You can Benefit

by CoreMedical Group

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There’s a lot of fun to be had in the location-hopping lifestyle of travel nursing. It can be exhilarating packing up the car and heading to the next destination every 13 weeks. However, there are also options for you if you’re loving your current facility, or just need extra time before jumping on the road again. Securing an extension for your current travel healthcare contract can keep you out and about while still giving you a breather, and it’s an easy option for both you and your travel healthcare company.Take a look at the common questions associated with travel nursing (or other travel healthcare positions) contract extensions below and learn how to extend your stay a little longer.

Signs I Should Stay

If you’ve made it to this blog and you’re already thinking about reasons why you should stay, that’s a pretty good sign that you’re interested in a contract extension. Perhaps you are really vibing with your fellow nurses and allied health professionals and finding your niche in your current facility or unit. Or maybe you’ve tapped into a new mentor or two and want to learn as much as you can from them before venturing off to new travel nursing jobs. If you feel like time is flying by and you’ve fallen in love with your latest destination and want to spend more time exploring, an extension should definitely be in your sights. 

Why Should I Extend My Travel Contract?

 There are a lot fewer unknowns when extending a travel contract. You can skip packing up the car and relocating because you are already established at your current destination. Less time and effort will be spent in all aspects of your traditional travel RN or LPN job search, as you will already be fully credentialed and fingerprinted, trained for the current position, and have housing. All that’s left for you to do is chat with your leadership and your recruiter, review the contract extension, and keep on working!

Contract extensions exist on a case-by-case basis as facility needs can change overnight, but you and your travel nursing recruiter may be able to negotiate a better schedule for your travel nursing contract extension period. You may even be able to negotiate more pay or take home more pay by extending your housing arrangements. Many travel nurses and therapy professionals also use extensions as a kind of holding period while waiting for another contract to open up. This way you get to stay in a spot you enjoy before moving onto another dream destination, facility, or unit. Plus, extensions help you earn more points for Club CoreMed, our loyalty program in which you can receive a free, all-inclusive tropical vacation, on us! 

How to Get a Contract Extension?

Now that you’ve worked through why contract extensions are a good idea, it’s time to learn how to go about getting one. The first step is to vocalize your desire to stay in your current travel nursing job early. Let everyone know that you love your fellow staff and patients and are interested in sticking around. Then, discuss potential extension opportunities with your nurse or therapy manager. It’s best to do this around 4-5 weeks before your original contract ending date. If you approach them earlier, they will likely not know if there will be a need for you. If you approach them too late, they may take on new travelers or other extensions.

Throughout this process, it’s vital to keep your travel therapy or nursing recruiter aware of your intentions, and articulate why you want to stay, what you’re looking for (if anything) in your extension, your desired extension length, and any other details that will help them advocate for you. If all goes well, you’ll remain at your current travel destination, typically from 8 to 13 weeks longer with a contract extension. From there, it’s up to you!



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Have a specific location in mind? We have travel nursing, travel allied, Locum Tenens, and permanent healthcare career opportunities in all 50 states. Search our healthcare job database to find the 


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