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The 10 Best States to Work and Start a Family for Nurses

by CoreMedical Group

travel nurses best place to work and start a family

Once you’ve achieved a level of experience and confidence in your nursing career, you’ll want to seek out a higher level of mentorship and a new environment to keep things fresh. Choosing the right place to continue your nursing career, settle down, and start a family can be daunting, but that’s where your permanent staffing agency comes into play. Finding permanent RN jobs in ideal locations that match your expertise and lifestyle is precisely what your recruiter is for.

To simplify the process, we’ve created a quick list of locations you should take a look at that offer the lifestyle you want. Each of the following 10 states was selected with you in mind, taking into account safety, cost of living, quality schools and housing, high demand for nurses, and fun activities to enjoy as a family. Remember these destinations as you work with your permanent placement agency to find your next nursing career opportunities.                                                                                              

1. California

The plethora of family-friendly communities, theme parks, beaches, and year-round sunshine make California a great place for endless family fun. The areas with a high demand for nurses are Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area – the beautiful and exciting locations do come at a cost, however: both are highly expensive areas to reside, and traffic could waste several hours a week commuting for work.

2. Indiana

Indiana ranks annually as a great place to live and has been quoted as having the best cities for young families. Carmel is quickly becoming one of the most popular towns in Indiana, and it was named by Time Magazine as one of the best places to live in the United States in 2017. The demand for nurses is average in this state; however, it is still possible to continue pursuing your nursing career with the help of a great recruiter.

3. Massachusetts

There are 17 top-ranking hospitals and medical centers in Boston, Massachusetts alone, which is why Boston is an ideal location for nurses. Permanent placement agencies will tell you that the demand for nurses, annual salary, and cost of living all coincide to create a great environment. With Boston being a major northeast hub, there’s never a shortage of things to do and see within a short distance of where you’re living.

4. Minnesota

Rural nurses are in high demand in Minnesota. Minnesota is an excellent place for a family to settle down, so long as you love cold weather and snow. There are plenty of rural cities to take you off the beaten path and into your new hometown, but hotspots and major cities like Minneapolis and the Great Lakes Region are nearby for you to explore as well.

5. North Carolina

This beautiful state has a low cost of living and a great healthcare system. The most notable perk in this state is the ability to visit the mountains as well as the beaches, which makes it an ideal landscape. Durham, North Carolina (aka the City of Medicine) is the best area to live in if your work-life balance often leans toward work. The Research Triangle hosts six hospitals in the area, making it easy to find permanent RN jobs quickly.

6. Ohio

Ohio has been deemed a great place to live for permanent placement RNs raising a family because of its small-town charm and good-sized cities. Plus, if you’re a cardiology nurse, the Cleveland Clinic is a nationally ranked hospital perfect for you.

7. Oregon

Oregon’s natural beauty is enough to convince you and your family to “come home.” There are many hospitals and medical facilities in Oregon, including the in the popular city of Portland. There is a high demand for hospital nurses as well as a growing need in the home health industry. Overall, it’s simply a great place to consider for growing both your family and your career, especially if you have a thirst for adventure.

8. Texas

Nurses are in high demand and met with multiple opportunities in the Lonestar State. Here you will find the nursing salaries and cost of living to be proportional. Along with the quintessential cowboy hats and never-ending highways, Texas cities like Houston, Austin, and San Antonio are quickly becoming must-visit destinations.  

9. New York

The medical industry in New York is growing with the population. Stepping away from the glitz of Times Square and New York City, the surrounding state is very family-oriented with parks and hiking trails galore. If you’re more of a city-dweller, you can’t beat a permanent placement at Mount Sinai Hospital or New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia and Cornell University Medical Center.

10. Virginia

Anywhere near Virginia Beach is an ideal location for a family to call home. The friendly community, local attractions, and trips to the beach are ideal for rejuvenating during your time off work, and the beautiful mountains are also within driving distance for a weekend getaway.


If you’re looking to relocate to a new destination, contact a permanent placement agency like CoreMedical Group today. Your permanent placement recruiter can find nursing positions for you in the top hospitals in all 50 states! Whether your ideal hometown is an adventurous city or a quaint rural town, your permanent staffing agency will take into account all the factors that go into creating the perfect work-life balance for you.

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Have a specific location in mind? We have travel nursing, travel allied, Locum Tenens, and permanent healthcare career opportunities in all 50 states. Search our healthcare job database to find the 


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