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The Best Free Storage Apps for Your Adventure Photos

by CoreMedical Group

The Best free Storage Apps For Your Adventure Photos Core Medical

Your travel therapy adventures deserve to be saved and remembered for years to come. Whether you’re hiking the Adirondack Mountains in New York or swimming with dolphins in sunny California, your digital photos should be securely stored and easily accessible from coast to coast. Here are a few photo-saving tips and a list of the best free photo storage apps so you can continue gathering amazing experiences on your next travel therapy jobs!

What to Look for in a Photo Storage App

Whether you’re a travel PT, OT, or SLP, you’re going to make incredible memories. That is a given. While you’re on location at your travel therapy jobs, you shouldn’t be worrying about whether your photos are backed up or if you’ll ever get them back again. So, there’s a couple things you should be looking for when you’re hunting for your next photo storage application:

  1. Easy to Use – You should be able to download your photos as quickly as they are saved.
  2. Maximum Space at Minimum Cost – Lots of adventures means lots of photos, so having enough space to keep all your memories handy for years to come is vital. Look for apps with enough free space or those with reasonable monthly or annual upgrade fees so that your personal finances don’t take a hit.
  3. Easy to Access – Where previous apps only sorted by folders that you needed to organize yourself, now you can pull photos and albums from specific dates, keywords or tags, and other methods.
  4. Quality – Your photos shouldn’t be saving as tiny, compressed thumbnails, but preserved as high-resolution JPEG files. They should be print ready at a moment’s notice.
  5. Shareability – Finally, your digital photo storage app should have options to share your images across social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your pictures should move across the digital landscape with ease and be accessible on the go, just like you!

Best Photo Storage Apps

  1. Flickr – Offering free storage space for up to 1,000 photos (beginning January 8, 2019), Flickr is easily one of, if not the top photo storing app. Plus, Flickr has created its own kind of social network with its use of Creative Commons, commenting and slideshow features.
  2. Photobucket – Another evolving photo storage site for traveling occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech pathology professionals is Photobucket. While the free account offers 2GB of high-resolution photo storage (about 400 photos), the simple user interface and an array of photo editing tools are well worth an upgrade for additional storage space.
  3. Google Photos – Unlike Google Drive, which focuses on a suite of office apps and file storage, the Google Photos app offers travel physical therapy professionals and their occupational and speech therapy counterparts an unlimited amount of storage! Google utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to assist in labeling people in your photos (like Facebook tags) and sorts images by location, time and more. Google Photos also offers editing tools like filters and a collage creator too.
  4. SmugMug – Perfect for travel PTs, OTs, and SLPs who want to really show off their adventures, SmugMug not only lets you store your photos, but also allows you to share them on a personalized webpage, too! While there aren’t any free plans for SmugMug, the $5.99 to $39.99 price range is only a little more expensive than its competitors.
  5. Dropbox – One of the top file-hosting cloud services available, Dropbox offers a straightforward and easy-to-use folder system. Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage, with additional GB of space for friendly referrals, and upgrade to 1TB available for a monthly fee.
  6. Amazon Prime Photos – Millions of Amazon users - especially travelers - love to take advantage of Amazon’s free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime. Recently, Amazon introduced a service for Amazon Prime members called Amazon Prime Photos. It allows users to store unlimited photos and sort them by date, people recognized in the pictures, and more. This service also comes with a feature called “Family Vault,” where up to five people can store photos together!

Now that you’re prepared with a variety of photo-saving apps and tips, it’s time to travel! Ready to take your next photo-snapping adventure? Contact us today and see where CoreMedical Group can take you! 



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