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Chapter Eight: Travel Nursing Assignments With Your Family in Tow

by CoreMedical Group

Travel Nursing Assignments With Your Family In Tow

Are you interested in spending more time with your family while experiencing what the plains, valleys, coasts, and snow-capped mountains of the U.S. have to offer?

Traveling with children is extremely rewarding, providing your family new experiences, exposure to multiple cultures and environments, and incredible memories! It may be frightening to think about moving your family to a new destination for 13 weeks while on a travel assignment, but it doesn’t have to be! Take a peek below at some things you should consider when taking travel nursing jobs with your family in tow.

Location, Location, Location

The primary focus of your new travel nurse job search should be your destination. You’ll be moving with your family, so you’ll want to find a place that is safe for your children, be it in a quiet neighborhood or a bustling city. Safety may also mean finding travel nurse jobs close to family or friends for your first on-the-road experience until you get the hang of traveling with kids.


The second aspect to consider is housing. A postage stamp-sized apartment in New York City may not be the best option for your family. While offering way more room, a cottage in the middle of nowhere, North Dakota, also may not be optimal for kids who need to meet new people and socialize.

When you start looking for housing, see which travel nurse staffing companies offer multiple selection options. Whether it be a two-bedroom home, or a generous housing stipend you can use to find the perfect accommodations, working with a medical staffing agency to meet your family’s housing needs can lessen your stress.


Depending on the ages of your kids, you may find it challenging to travel because of schooling. Often, travel nurses and travel allied health professionals stick to one of two options: travel in the summer, or homeschool your children. Of course, if you plan to stay in a specific region for an extended period, you’ll want to research different school districts and housing accordingly.

Child Care and Healthcare

Even if you don’t have kids, prior to arrival, it’s wise to consider healthcare facilities located in and around your travel nursing destination. Working in the same field, you can reach out to your new supervisors for trusted child care and doctor recommendations. This way, should a need arise, you can be prepared with a list of referrals.

Extra Travel Time and Adventures

Simple and logical planning can help travel nurses and therapists prepare for moving across the country with family. A trip that may have taken you overnight when traveling alone can take as much as two to three days with your family in tow. Preparing for multiple food and bathroom breaks, and laying out a list of sightseeing spots such as national parks or local tourists traps is part of the fun of taking travel RN jobs!

Even before you arrive at your contract nurse jobs, you should have a sense of what the location can offer. Are you more of an outdoorsy family? Is there a spot where you can rent bicycles and kayaks? Or perhaps your family is more artistic? Is there a local theater program, or can you get a museum membership? Create a destination bucket list of adventures, and take advantage of weekend trips!

Choose From Dependable Medical Staffing Agencies

A staffing company that specializes in traveling nurse solutions will have a deep understanding of everything that goes into taking a job that allows you to move about the country every 13 weeks. From your initial travel assignment to your 10th move, your recruiter will become the professional best friend who always has your back.

The best travel nurse agencies will offer a comprehensive list of benefits for you and your family, securing your health insurance and peace of mind while you travel. Plus, they will advocate for you, and assist you should you have an emergency or need time off.

Your medical staffing agency of choice will help you secure safe housing that fits the needs of your family, and even offer tips on what to do in the area, based on past travelers’ experiences. It’s really a one stop shop for all things travel nursing, and the agency will be there to guide you and your family through it all.

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