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Recruiter Spotlight Series: Permanent Placement

by CoreMedical Group

Recruiter Spotlight Series: Permanent Placement

Introducing Brendan Smith! Brendan is a Recruiter in our Permanent Placement Division who began his career at CoreMedical Group as an intern. After graduating from his internship and the first class of CoreUniversity, he moved on to build his legacy as a full-time Recruiter.

It all started when Brendan visited a career fair at Southern New Hampshire University while attending SNHU for his Marketing and Communications degree. He met with fellow Permanent Placement Recruiter Jeremy Maki and our Training Specialist Elizabeth Circharo, who was also a Perm Recruiter at the time.

 At CoreMedical Group we help place nurses, doctors, healthcare management, and allied health professionals in contract and permanent positions. It was the connection to physical therapy that brought Brendan to the table to learn about recruiting in NH.

“My dad was a Physical Therapist Assistant so that kinda caught my eye,” Brendan said. “Liz and Jeremy explained how Core does healthcare staffing, signed me up for a phone call, and the pieces started falling into place from there.”

 With only a few classes left in his degree program, Brendan was offered a full-time internship with CoreMedical Group. Once he graduated, he took 3 weeks off to move a little closer to the office and began working.


 Brendan’s Humble Beginnings

 Brendan has somewhat of a legendary story around CoreMedical regarding his work commute. At 4:45 am, Brendan would walk to the Orange Line, take the Orange Line to Tufts Medical Center, and walk from Tufts to South Station in time for the 6:15 am bus to arrive at our old office in Salem, NH. He would work a full day, and then make the same journey to get home.

“It was a tough couple of months, but I think those couple months were really humbling for me,” he explained. “It helped me realize what I could do. I was seeing what the other recruiters were doing, and I wanted to keep up with them.”

“I was working a lot of hours in the beginning, but that’s kind of what you have to do. That’s something I’ve really learned here - the work that I put in will come out. But it’s totally up to you,” he added. “Plus, Core has a cool energy. It was fun being in that atmosphere. I was a young kid coming out of college, and I didn’t know about recruiters’ earning potential or what that could mean. That and the Club CoreMed trip were definitely motivation for me to do well.”

With great benefits and uncapped earning potential beckoning, Brendan completed his internship and moved on to the CoreUniversity training program, from which he was one of the first graduates.

 “The internship program wasn’t as structured as it is now, especially with the onset of CoreUniversity, but it definitely prepared me for what to expect. And, CoreU gave me a good reminder of the things I learned in my internship,” Brendan said.


How is it Being a Healthcare Recruiter?

First and foremost, Brendan was looking for a great culture as a new grad. Core’s mix of hands-on training and relaxed office atmosphere were an ideal fit. Plus, Brendan has been at CoreMedical long enough to see the connections he’s made through healthcare staffing pay off.

“There are a lot of ups and downs in any position, but when someone calls me when they’re on their placement to tell me about their success, it makes it all worth it,” Brendan explained. “I’ve had people call me a year later and say, ‘Thank you for pushing me and having me do this, I’m at this amazing facility now,’ or, ‘I’m about to apply for this prestigious program.’”

“People often don’t think about how rewarding it is when they keep in touch with their recruiter and say thank you and that they’re happy, or that they’re where they want to be in their career. It’s the best feeling, getting those calls or emails.”

 Along with the relationships he’s built with his candidates, Brendan also gave a shout out to his coworkers as well saying, “I think the best thing about being on this team is that during the day we’re working hard to connect candidates to the best opportunities. When we want to shut that off, we can go out together and have a good time. Everyone really lives the work hard, play hard mentality, and it’s a good balance of being professional and having fun.”



Club CoreMed is a Pretty Great Perk, Too

 Brendan has always been a big traveler, so it makes sense that he would work somewhere that fosters an attitude of exploration. With 4 months of experience studying abroad and learning Spanish in Ecuador, he set his sights on Club CoreMed - our all-inclusive loyalty trip that our candidates and staff can earn - and he never looked back.

 “I already love to travel so much. Earning the Club CoreMed trip my first time at age 23 was amazing! Just to have another vacation to look forward to, and work towards, is really motivating,” he said. Taking full advantage of the free vacation, Brendan shared that he went on as many excursions as he could within the last two trips, including but not limited to: meeting animals like monkeys, parrots, and iguanas, swimming in caves, hitting the beach on dune buggies, snorkeling, and more!

“The trip is incredible,” he added. “I had obviously heard about it before from seasoned recruiters and managers, but I had no idea what to expect. Everything is free! And seeing yourself hitting your goals, watching that trip getting closer over the course of the year pushes you to be better. It’s a goal you want to hit.”


Advice for Future Recruiters

When asked what advice Brendan has for those unsure about joining CoreMed recruiting, his response was a resounding, “APPLY!”

“It might not be the right fit for you, but have a conversation with us,” he said. “CoreU can really give you that sense of what to expect - the basics, the guidelines. It is a place where if you’re dedicated and work hard, you’ll see that come back to you.”

Adding that CoreMedical Group recruiters “have a sense of autonomy that a lot of people won’t get elsewhere,” Brendan shared the importance of being able to manage your own desk and form personal relationships with healthcare professionals, while still having leadership that offers regular training, pushing the staff to be the best.

“Now I’m just trying to get better and fine-tune everything,” he said. “I have the foundation, the fundamentals, and the processes down, now it’s just about continuing to grow and help my candidates grow.”

Interested in Joining Brendan Smith and the rest of our healthcare staffing family? View our Open Positions and apply today!
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