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Chapter Five: Traveling PT Jobs - What to Look for in a Medical Staffing Agency

by CoreMedical Group
Traveling PT Jobs: What to Look for in a Medical Staffing Agency

When it comes to finding quality travel PT jobs, the best resource you can have is a strong medical staffing agency behind you. The support that travel therapy companies offer is crucial to creating a smooth transition from a permanent position to travel, and from one destination to the next. Below are five things to look for when selecting a medical staffing agency.

  1. An Organized Recruiting Process

Moving to a new destination every 13 weeks creates different needs for a traveling physical therapist than a permanently-placed therapist would have. A travel therapy company’s organized recruiting and placement structures remove the complications, making searching, applying for, and getting a travel therapy job a breeze.

In your search for a dependable travel therapy company, look for an organization with a wide net of support. Learn whether you will be working solely with one recruiter, or if there are other individuals and teams, like a relocation specialist or screening coordinator, who will have your back throughout the PT job search process.

  1. Personality and Availability

When choosing a stylist or personal trainer, skills and experience are of the utmost importance, but so is personality. You want to find a professional who can make you look, feel, and be better. The same rings true for a medical staffing agency.

Connecting with a recruiter who easily understands where you’ve been and where you want to go professionally benefits you in two ways. It helps the recruiter quickly track down new PT jobs, and it helps you land the travel physical therapy career you’ve always dreamed of. A reputable healthcare staffing agency will have plenty of experienced recruiters at the ready to field your questions about becoming a traveling physical therapist and will show genuine interest in your story and your desires, as well as any reservations you may have.

  1. A Reputable Screening Process

You can learn quite a bit about travel therapy companies by delving into their candidate screening processes. A medical staffing agency that rushes to get you on board may not have your best interest in mind.

A company that takes time to screen and check credentials for their travel physical therapy, travel occupational therapy, and travel speech language pathology candidates is more likely to work to keep you in positions where you are happy and successful. If the staffing company is only entering qualified, educated candidates like you into their pool, their screening processes for clients, facilities, and PT jobs usually will be equally as extensive, thus ensuring great matches for both clients and candidates.

  1. Housing and Benefits

If your desire for great PT or PTA jobs has you turning to traveling with a medical staffing agency, make sure the agency has benefits setup for travelers! Travel therapy companies will include housing with your PT jobs. They may also offer the choice of a stipend for people traveling with family members or who want to make accommodations themselves.

You should also be looking into what benefits, payment options, and perks are available for traveling therapists. Having a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, 401K matching, and direct deposit banking options helps put traveling physical therapists’ minds at ease while they’re out exploring the country!

Some agencies even have loyalty programs available to travelers based on placements and hours worked. These healthcare staffing agencies often have referral bonuses available, and offer a “grand prize” for loyalty points earned, like an all-inclusive vacation in the Caribbean!

  1. Values that Match Your Own

Last, but certainly not least, the medical staffing agencies you’re screening should, as a whole, match your own values. Find an organization that not only specializes in traveling allied health recruiting, but one that carries out your ideals for a place you would like to work if you were a recruiter.

Are recruiters getting great benefits, too? Does the company regularly contribute to charitable organizations? What is the company culture, and does it match your personality?

Look for an organization that shows its character across social media channels and highlights not only expertise as a staffing agency, but features its employees and travelers’ accomplishments as well.


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