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Why Locum Tenens Positions Are Perfect for Your Off Days

by CoreMedical Group


If you are considering adding part-time hours and would rather not make a commitment to a new full-time position, locum tenens is for you. Locum tenens physicians can quickly earn supplemental pay for filling physician shortages at other facilities, and can do so without any of the politics that are often associated with a full-time practice. Keep reading to see why physicians are turning to locum tenens, and how you can easily manage locum tenens work on your off days.

Travel More

If you are looking to locum tenens work because your current position is creating burnout, try traveling more! A new professional environment can refresh a love of medicine, and if that hospital is in a desirable geographic location, the environment outside of the facility can also heighten your spirits.

With scheduling flexibility (and positions available nationally), you can ease into local locum tenens work until you are ready to travel. Locum physicians can also cut back on work, while remaining financially secure, allotting more time to experience new sights and sounds with travel.

Pay Off Your Debt

The extra income that is available for locum tenens physicians can ease the stress of paying off debts. Whether you have hefty education loans or took on a financial burden when opening your own practice, locum tenens creates a new income stream that you can easily increase or decrease according to your availability.

Improve Your Skills

Much like a travel nurse or contract physical therapist, a locum tenens physician can create multiple “try before you buy” scenarios at various facilities before they settle into a more permanent placement. Within these different settings, locums can acquire and improve upon their skills and determine the environments, specialties, and preferences that suit them the best. A locum tenens physician also can gain a broader knowledge of policies and practices, which makes for a very desirable candidate for future endeavors.

Let Go of Myths About Locum Tenens

Despite the excellent reviews locum tenens physicians are giving this career option, there are still misconceptions that keep doctors from taking advantage of locum tenens work.

One of the top benefits locum physicians enjoy is flexibility in scheduling, but too often this flexibility is mistaken for instability. On the contrary, the need for physicians is so great that many facilities are looking to staffing companies to fill a surplus of locum doctor jobs to ease the stress on their full-time staff. Many positions are available in the locum tenens field, and often facilities will have advanced block scheduling in place to ensure appropriate care for their patients is always available.

Find the Right Placement

One of the simplest ways to find success as a locum tenens physician on your off days is, of course, to find the right job. To find the right fit for your lifestyle, enlist a reputable medical staffing agency that specializes in locum tenens to assist you in your search.

A healthcare recruiting company with an established locum tenens division will already have a database of potential locum doctor jobs for your choosing. Whether you’re interested in staying close to your current practice, or using your schedule to travel the country, the opportunities are available to you, and a locum tenens recruiter can save you considerable time and energy during your search.

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Search Healthcare Jobs

Have a specific location in mind? We have travel nursing, travel allied, Locum Tenens, and permanent healthcare career opportunities in all 50 states. Search our healthcare job database to find the 


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