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How to Recruit Nurses in 2019

by CoreMedical Group

Recruiting Nurses in 2019 Core Medical Group

Medical staffing is in a league all its own, but there are steps that your facility’s human resources department, hiring managers, and nursing leadership can take to attract more nurses in 2019. We’ve created 5 medical staffing solutions from revising career paths to rethinking recognition to assist you in recruiting and retaining the best nursing staff in the new year.

  1. Create Clear Career Paths

Everyone wants to climb the ladder, but it’s difficult to strive for something that can’t be seen easily. By creating clear career paths for your nurses, you’re guiding nurses to not only advance within the field of nursing, but also do so within your facilities. Offer mentoring opportunities and seek out ways to improve advancement from the ground up. When clear methods are in place, transitioning your nurses from staff to leadership will become that much faster, and your ability to shape your community will become that much easier.

  1. Establish Professional Development Programs

While delving into ways to advance your nurses professionally, survey your current workforce on their personal and professional goals. Create programs for your nurses that reflect their interests and needs. One area of improvement could be in facilitating the transition of nurses from one area of care to another. This could mean offering shadowing opportunities or even basic skills improvements like ongoing interview training or resume-building opportunities for those interested in learning new specialties. The stronger your PD, the more competitive your facility becomes when nurses have multiple offers on the table.

  1. Rethink Retention and Recognition

While many nurses are motivated by great benefits packages, others like travel nurses who receive comprehensive benefits from medical staffing companies like CoreMedical Group, are more inclined to stay at a facility that offers creative incentives and recognition. Implement routine retention meetings to get to the bottom of why your nurses are staying (and why they may have considered leaving). With this information, you can tap into exactly what your workforce is looking for and make adjustments accordingly. Some simple options may be launching a compliment or kudos bulletin board where leadership can pin up handwritten recognition for staff nurses. Perhaps veteran staff needs extra training to feel comfortable using new EMR technology whereas new grad nurses won’t. By shaping your leadership to ask questions and seek solutions in innovative ways, you can improve recognition and retention.

  1. Identify and Nurture Company Culture

The further you dive in with your current nurses, the more you’ll find that many of the wants and wishes of your staff fall under the umbrella of company culture. Flexible scheduling is one of the most popular benefits, and while it can be daunting to initiate this policy, the positives far outweigh the negatives. By allowing nurses to lessen their workload or reduce their hours for health, family emergencies or education, you are putting the person ahead of the position and creating a sustainable and motivated staff that feels more like a valued member of the team and less like a number. A great culture leads to company ambassadors, and their word-of-mouth medical referrals, recommendations, and testimonials are priceless in attracting new nurses in 2019.

  1. Use a Medical Staffing Agency

While you are focusing on improving retention with newly defined career paths and professional development programs, medical staffing agencies like CoreMedical Group can be your professional hiring support. Whether you are seeking to fill permanent positions, refresh your leadership or hire temporary travel nurses to supplement your current staff, vetting candidates and finding ideal matches are tasks you can outsource to experienced and well-recognized medical staffing companies. Organizations like Core can create tailored healthcare staffing to recruit for candidates who will fit with your company culture, while screening each individual for their hard and soft skills and utilizing innovative marketing to attract top nursing talent.


Core Medical Group has recently been named to 2018 SIA List of largest healthcare staffing firms! Learn more about our staffing support and capabilities and our dedication to the healthcare community here. 


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Have a specific location in mind? We have travel nursing, travel allied, Locum Tenens, and permanent healthcare career opportunities in all 50 states. Search our healthcare job database to find the 


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