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How to Make Traveling Nurse Housing Feel Like Home

by CoreMedical Group


For many traveling nurses, moving into a new apartment after only 13 weeks is just part of the fun, but for others, an empty rental can put a damper on an exciting nursing adventure. Here are some simple solutions to make your traveling nurse housing feel like a home away from home.

Find Out What Is Included

First, you’ll want to find out what is included with your housing package so you can pack smart. Travel nursing staffing agencies like CoreMedical Group will provide a variety of housing options so you can find accommodations that best fit your needs.

Flexible housing options may include a private, one-bedroom or studio apartment with a standard furniture package, a private residence with two or more bedrooms with a co-pay, or even a generous stipend to seek your own accommodations. Knowing what you’ll have when you arrive makes packing that much easier, which, in turn, makes the transition into your new home a pleasant experience.

Prioritize and Pack Light

Second, you will be residing in new travel nursing apartments and/or rental accommodations every 13 weeks (about 3 months), so you should become accustomed to prioritizing your possessions and packing light. Less really is more when it comes to traveling the USA as a contract nurse. It’s time to rethink bringing your entire library of books to your new travel nursing jobs, and research local libraries at your new destination instead. Remember to pack important documents like a copy of your contract, your nursing licenses, and contact information for your new facility, and nix anything you won’t use weekly.

Unpack Right Away

Once you arrive, unpack, and unpack fast! There’s nothing that screams “not my home” more than living out of boxes and storage bins. Even though it is temporary, this space is now yours, so it’s time to move in! Plus, if you packed smart and light, it won’t take you any time to unpack, leaving you more opportunities to organize and decorate your space.

Quick and Temporary Decorating Options

  1. Surround yourself with “home” by filling the walls with photos of your friends and family. An oversized poster frame holds tons of photos and can easily lean against a bare wall to create a fun art piece.

  2. If your travel nurse apartment doesn’t have curtain rods, grab some tension rods from a local box store — removable tape, hooks, and a dowel rod — and dress your windows with new curtains. Curtains not only disguise ugly blinds, they help tie a room’s color and style themes together.

  3. Along with new curtains, fill your space with cozy carpets, throw pillows, bedding, and blankets to turn a bare rental into a designer’s dream home. This is when you can really transform your contract nursing apartment into your place. Fill your temporary housing with your favorite colors, patterns, and textures!

  4. Creating accommodations that are uniquely you while on a travel nurse assignment isn’t just a visual task. Sense of smell is closely linked with memory, so bring along your favorite candles, soaps, and sprays to create a comforting environment. Pair familiar scents with your favorite music, and you’ll feel at home in no time.

Invite New Friends Over

Once you’ve unpacked, redecorated, and settled in, plan to have your new friends come over! Transforming traveling nurses’ rentals into personalized, cozy abodes is hard work, but showcasing it to someone else who can appreciate your efforts is a great motivator! A visit from fellow nurses a few weeks into your assignment will encourage you to develop your décor, make new memories in the space, and allow your apartment to feel even more like home.

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Have a specific location in mind? We have travel nursing, travel allied, Locum Tenens, and permanent healthcare career opportunities in all 50 states. Search our healthcare job database to find the 


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