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Client Testimonial: Working with CoreMedical to Land a Full-Time Position

by CoreMedical Group

CMG Blog FI - Working With CoreMed to Land a Full time Position

Finding a permanent position can be a daunting task, especially for those looking for full-time career opportunities in medical facilities across the country. As a healthcare professional, your first instinct may be to research hospitals and visit job search sites, but this can quickly become overwhelming and unsatisfying. By using a healthcare staffing agency like CoreMedical Group, your searches are done for you, and they are customized with your desired career path, relocation destinations, and benefits in mind.

Lillian, a Registered Nurse (RN) from Carol Stream, Illinois, turned to CoreMedical when her initial searches for a full-time position came up short. Through her work with her permanent placement recruiter, John, she was able to find a job in a hospital setting where she could grow as a nurse in a variety of specialties.

“I always wanted to go into the medical field, but my true passion for nursing came when I started my Certified Nursing Assistant class as a freshman in college. I enjoyed how closely I got to work with patients, and I knew that if I went the MD route, I would have different interactions with the people I cared for. I realized that as a nurse I would be the eyes and ears for my patient and their greatest advocate,” Lillian said.

Upon graduating, she began to look for long-term care positions and jobs in medical offices, though she was hoping for something more. “With only my ADN in hand and no experience, I knew that it would be difficult to find a job in an acute care setting.”

Throughout her education and her job searches, Lillian found that nursing was continuing to become more competitive. With more people turning to this career field to fill the growing need for medical staff in the U.S., she needed something that would put her in front of hiring managers faster. “My decision to use a medical staffing agency came after a frustrating two months of job searches and filling out endless job applications,” Lillian mentioned. While she had never heard her fellow nurses mention using recruiters or agencies, she knew working with CoreMedical would be the right choice after emailing and chatting with John, her permanent placement recruiter.

“I chose to work with CoreMedical Group, because they had placed many nurses in the same hospital I was applying for and because of the great communication I had with my recruiter,” Lillian shared with us. “I realized that there were hospitals out there that offered new grads positions and liked the idea of having someone by my side from the start of the job application all the way through my time here at the hospital.”

After some interview coaching from her permanent placement recruiter, and a few phone calls with the hospital, Lillian was ready to accept a full-time job. As a Resource Float Nurse, she says every day is an adventure. Plus, she can now train across multiple specialties, making her an even more marketable RN.  “At the end of my training, I will be oriented to 13 different floors, including cardiac, neurology, and surgical. I also have the opportunity to circulate to units such as the ICU and ER.”

“Finding a permanent position as a new grad was just as scary as it was exciting. You find yourself doubting your abilities and wondering if you learned enough in nursing school. The answer is no. You do not learn everything you need to know in nursing school,” Lillian confessed. However, John was able to provide her with the first steps toward an excellent teaching hospital looking for nurses like her. “I have the right placement and worked with remarkable preceptors who taught me how to use equipment I had never seen before and navigate the ins and outs of nursing care.”

She’s also a bit surprised by the relationship she now has with John and all the teams at CoreMedical Group. “I did not expect John to check in once a month with me and see how things were going with my job. He went above and beyond, making sure I had a smooth transition from Illinois to North Dakota,” said Lillian. “Core also simplified my licensure through North Dakota and gave me references to tools if I needed them. CoreMedical Group changed the way I viewed recruiting companies.”

 “Take the opportunities that present to you and view them as a new adventure in your career and life as a nurse,” Lillian shared. She did just that – moving 600 miles from her home, finding a new “nursing family” in her new location, and becoming the best nurse she can be with the help of CoreMedical. 

Learn how a medical staffing agency can help you land your dream full time job! 

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