4 Hiring Challenges a Staffing Agency Solves for You

by CoreMedical Group

4 Hiring Challenges a Staffing Agency Solves for You

Most people don’t look forward to the hiring process. Employers don’t enjoy the extra work and applicants are often anxious every step of the way, hoping to make the best impression. Medical staffing agencies, on the other hand, thrive on it.

We get excited about every placement, matching the best healthcare professional with each vacancy. It’s what we do day in and day out. We understand the difficulties companies can face when recruiting new employees, and our aim is to alleviate the pain points of the hiring process by addressing your common challenges..

4 Common Challenges in the Hiring Process

1. “I wish more qualified prospects could see my job postings.”

You’ve probably tried all of the typical tactics for hiring. You uploaded your latest job openings to the company website and pushed them out on your social media platforms. You thought through how to showcase your vibrant workplace culture and competitive benefits package. In addition, you posted your healthcare employment opportunities on numerous third-party job sites, and even considered participating in a job fair. But you’re still not generating enough qualified applicants.

All of these methods are like fishing in a pond that you’re not quite sure is stocked. There’s a better, more strategic way to find qualified healthcare candidates to fill your nursing and allied health positions. The solution: Partner with a quality medical staffing agency.

When you rely on a staffing agency to help fill your most critical vacancies, your job openings gain exposure to a database of healthcare professionals and a whole community of vetted candidates who will be notified of your new listing as soon as it’s posted. Rather than fishing for candidates, they’ll be vying for the opportunity to work with you, and the agency’s recruiter will do the work of sifting through applicants to find the best fit for your organization.

2. “I can’t find enough nurses to fill our short-term positions.”

Temporary roles are common in healthcare as demand fluctuates based on events and seasons. When the average job seeker goes on the job hunt, they’re usually looking for a permanent full-time or part-time position. If they accept a temp role, it’s easy for them to leave when a long-term gig opens up, putting the employer in a pinch once again. Because of this, posting your short-term opportunities on a third-party job site isn’t typically lucrative.

This is, however, an ideal situation for a medical staffing agency. With a whole segment of their business devoted to filling short-term contracts, a quality staffing agency will have a large pool of travel nurses and allied health professionals that are specifically looking for temporary work and thrive on the adventure of relocation. There’s also no pressure to extend travel contracts because the candidate is already looking to their recruiter for their next assignment when they are no longer needed at your site.

If your organization hasn’t considered temporary hires for nursing or allied health roles before, this may be the perfect opportunity with the increasing demands of vaccine distribution and more patients returning for routine visits.

3. “It’s been so long since I interviewed someone.”

Your internal hiring managers may only interview a few candidates a quarter, whereas a staffing agency has recruiters who conduct interviews on a weekly basis. These seasoned recruiters are up to date on the latest hiring laws, medical industry certifications and licensing, and know the right questions to ask in order to find the perfect candidate for your healthcare position.

Not only are agency recruiters experienced interviewers, they’re also tech savvy. And because medical staffing agencies often fill positions at locations across the country, agencies like CoreMedical have been conducting virtual interviews before it was the trend. [When our friends had questions about Zoom at the beginning of the pandemic, they turned to us for answers.]

Confidence is key as an interviewer—with the task at hand and with the technology they use to do it. A lack of confidence as the leader of the conversation will cause the interviewer to focus on himself and his performance rather than the candidate. If your in-house team isn’t at ease when interviewing candidates, it may be time to lean on the experts from a medical staffing agency.

4. “My HR team is already overwhelmed!”

Hiring can be time-consuming, putting strain on your existing staff. Quality medical staffing agencies act as an extension of your Human Resources department and carry the heavy lifting. From posting your job openings, sifting through applicants, interviewing qualified candidates, conducting background checks, and managing all of the paperwork, a staffing partner gets it done faster and more efficiently because it’s what we do every day. We find the right candidates and remove the unnecessary delays in the hiring process so you can keep doing what you do best — caring for your patients and your existing staff.

Are you prepared to increase your staff quickly if there is unforeseen demand? The global pandemic has caused us to think about the future differently, focusing on how to best partner with companies like you when unanticipated events arise. Check out our employer page to learn more about how CMG can help you with all of your staffing challenges. 

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