3 Ways Travel Healthcare Professionals Bring Value To Your Team

by CoreMedical Group

3 Ways Travel Health Care Professionals Bring Value To Your Team

Travel healthcare professionals are more than a temporary staffing solution. They provide lasting value that will positively impact your organization even after their short-term contracts are over.

Have you considered hiring travel healthcare professionals when you’re understaffed?

In the past, you may have focused on hiring full-time and part-time staff, rather than putting effort into onboarding temporary support. However, relying on permanent personnel alone can lead to frequent turnover when staff are not getting enough hours or employees become overworked and burnt out. It can also become problematic when unexpected situations arise, and you’re left scrambling to onboard new hires.

Travel contracts are the perfect solution! Quality healthcare workers who want to explore new opportunities—both professionally and personally—turn to medical staffing agencies for short-term job placement. When your organization decides to partner with a medical staffing agency, you’re able to easily fluctuate your staff based on the current healthcare demand without the burden of a lengthy hiring process.

While travel nursing is the most common temporary position filled by staffing agencies like CoreMedical, it’s not the only one. Allied health roles such as, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, respiratory therapists, and even locum tenens physician placement are included as well.

These specialized healthcare workers are the perfect solution to support your existing team and bring untapped value to your organization.

3 Ways Travel Nurses & Allied Health Professionals Bring Value to Your Team

1. Diversity

When you post a job opening on a careers page or third-party site, applicants will usually be from your local area. Medical staffing agencies, on the other hand, recruit healthcare professionals from across the country. This generates applicants with varied backgrounds and experiences. Diversity across all spectrums—social, cultural, educational, experiential—brings fresh perspectives to your facility and organization.

Candidates’ previous work experiences could provide new perspectives on your processes. With their fresh eyes, they may notice something that has been inadvertently overlooked by your in-house staff. Travel nurses and allied health professionals may also have exposure to methods of treatment or care that are more effective in certain situations.

For instance, travel nurses and respiratory therapists have been in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who have been working in heavily impacted areas have experience treating and rehabilitating patients who have suffered long-lasting effects from the virus. The perspectives of these healthcare workers will continue to be invaluable to medical teams in the years’ ahead.

2. Energy

Travel healthcare professionals bring more than diverse experiences and knowledge with them, they also bring new energy. Those who sign on for short-term work opportunities and travel stints enjoy meeting new people and seek adventure. Through CoreMedical’s meticulous candidate screening process, we’ll match the right travel candidates to every position. They’ll come onboard excited to be in a new location, eager to make new friends, and ready to provide your patients with excellent care.

3. Support

The most obvious value of travel nurses and allied health professionals is, of course, support. When your healthcare system or facility has an unexpected event or situation arise, travel healthcare professionals can be counted on to fill the gaps and support your existing team so you can seamlessly provide the same standard of quality care to your patients. Whether a nurse is filling a 13-week travel contract, or a locum tenens physician is covering for a doctor on sabbatical, travel healthcare professionals are there when you need them the most.

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