Top 5 Reasons Your Company Should Hire a Medical Staffing Agency

by CoreMedical Group


Medical staffing agencies have the ability to increase the productivity and efficiency of the hiring process at healthcare facilities. From increasing your candidate pool to saving you time and money, staffing agencies can give you the competitive edge when it comes to finding your ideal candidates for nursing or allied health professional positions.

We’ve put together the top 5 reasons your company should consider partnering with a medical staffing agency like CoreMedical to fill all of your future vacant short-term and permanent positions.

1. We expand your candidate pool.

When your company posts an open position on your website or on job sites, you’re generally fishing for candidates, just hoping for a bite. That’s why you’ll find the same job listings on a host of platforms—to increase the odds of finding the ideal, qualified candidate.

Medical staffing agencies have access to a larger group of prospects from the start. We’re constantly recruiting candidates in our talent community. When we partner with your company to help you with the hiring process, we aren’t starting from scratch. We have a whole community of vetted potential candidates who will be notified of your new job listing.

Not only is a staffing agency’s candidate pool larger, it’s also more diverse. You’ll gain the attention of prospects from different backgrounds and outside your geographical area.

2. We find the cream of the crop.

Not only do we place your job opening in front of a diverse range of candidates, we save you time by finding the most qualified prospects for the position.

Remember that “bite” we were talking about before? When you’re recruiting on your own, there’s no guarantee those who respond to your job postings are going to be qualified for the position or the right fit for your workplace culture.

Staffing agencies do so much more than merely look at resumes. We take candidates through assessments, questionnaires, and interviews, weeding out those who don’t fit the bill, leaving only the most qualified candidates for your consideration.

This saves you time, and as we know, time is money.

3. We streamline the process.

Because most companies are [hopefully] not in a constant state of hiring, their traditional hiring processes are often not efficient. Hiring can be arduous and time-consuming, putting strain on your existing staff, who may not have time to devote to an ideal candidate search.

Staffing is what we do, which means we can get it done faster and more efficiently. We find the right candidates and remove the unnecessary delays in the hiring process to keep the ball rolling so you can keep doing what you do best — caring for your patients.

4. We ask the right questions.

We want to understand your needs. We not only ask the right questions during a prospect interview, we ask you the right questions in preparation for filling the position. We want to become an extension of your HR department, so understanding the qualifications of your ideal new hire is just as important as the questions we ask during an interview.

After we learn the characteristics of the individual you’re looking for, we dive into what we do best—recruitment. Hiring is what we do day-in and day-out. Your internal hiring managers may only interview a few candidates a quarter, whereas our recruiters conduct interviews on a weekly basis. Our seasoned recruiters know the right questions to ask in order to find the perfect candidate for your position.

5. We find the right fit.

Setting out to hire on your own limits the tools at your disposal. Generally, you only have a resume and an interview to base a hiring decision on. Medical staffing agencies have access to more data about candidates because of our stringent screening processes. Assessments and questionnaires give us a better perspective on a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, helping us find the right fit for your vacancy.  

At CoreMedical, we can help fill vacancies in all 50 states for short-term contract positions as well as permanent placement roles. Let us help you with your recruitment needs. Contact us today!