4 Benefits of Hiring the Right Staffing Agency

by CoreMedical Group

4 Benefits of Hiring the RIght Staffing Agency

Are you still using valuable time and resources searching for the perfect candidate to fill your vacant medical positions only to feel like you’ve settled for the applicant who was closest to qualified rather than the most qualified? Do you want to cast a wider recruiting net? Would it be a relief for someone else to carry the heavy lifting?

That’s where a medical staffing agency steps in. From travel contracts to permanent placements in nursing, healthcare management, and allied health fields, a good agency can find the right candidate for the right position – and fast.

But not all staffing agencies are the same. It matters who you partner with in the hiring process. We’ve outlined 4 key attributes of a solid staffing agency.

4 Benefits of Hiring the Right Staffing Agency

Robust Database of Candidates

You may be contemplating a partnership with a medical staffing agency because you’ve run into some roadblocks in the recruitment process. One of the biggest struggles for independent healthcare companies is finding the right applicant for the job without having to settle for semi-qualified candidates. When recruiting is totally dependent on your job posting efforts, your reach can be limited.

So, would you settle for an agency whose candidate pool is also stagnant? Of course not!

When choosing a medical staffing partner, ask about the size of their database and how they screen candidates. This should give you a good indication of their bandwidth and allow you to determine if their database exceeds your current hiring efforts and meets your needs.

Did you know CoreMedical has one of the industry’s largest databases with over 1 million vetted candidates? We provide staffing solutions for travel allied health contracts, permanent placement, and locum tenens. Our team of seasoned recruiters places hundreds of travel healthcare workers each month and over 500 permanent healthcare professionals each year.

2. Competitive Benefits for Travel Health Professionals

When it comes to hiring temporary positions, some employers are cautious, worrying that these short-term workers won’t blend well with the existing staff, won’t be invested in the success of the team, or will resent not having the same benefits as long-term employees.

When considering these scenarios, it’s important to remember that those who apply for travel contracts want to explore new places and get to know new people. They thrive off building new relationships and having friendships across the country. Starting a new job, albeit a short-term one, is not daunting, but exhilarating to them. In fact, you may find that these travel health professionals bring renewed energy to your team and fresh eyes for your facility.

Regarding benefits, it’s imperative to partner with a medical staffing agency that offers a competitive package for those carrying out travel contracts. This will doubly ensure that morale is boosted and relationships between internal and contract staff thrive.

We know the value of taking care of our travel healthcare professionals. That’s why we offer competitive, industry-leading benefits, such as insurance, housing assistance, licensing support, and even vacation incentives through our Club CoreMed loyalty program, among others.

3. Streamlined Hiring Process

You’ve heard that a medical staffing agency can save you time and resources. With dedicated personnel who are seasoned interviewers and up to date on the latest hiring laws, industry certifications, and licensing, a good agency can streamline your hiring process and fill your open positions quickly with the right candidates.

Make sure you partner with an agency who is prepared to be an extension of your Human Resources department. Our goal at CoreMedical is to seamlessly fit into your existing team, taking on all the demands of the hiring process, from posting your vacant positions and interviewing qualified candidates to conducting background checks and filling out all of the paperwork. We introduce the most outstanding candidates to your hiring manager and take all of the heavy lifting off of your in-house team.

Partnerships with Reputable Healthcare Systems

An agency’s established partnerships matter. In general, statistics have shown that health care professionals who seek employment through a medical staffing agency are more likely to have qualifications above and beyond the requirements.

A couple things contribute to this. First, healthcare professionals appreciate being matched to an opportunity that meets their qualifications and career goals rather than independently searching for their next job. Second, they know that well-established medical staffing agencies have partnerships with sought-after healthcare systems that would otherwise be difficult to get a foot in the door.

With over 20 years of experience, CoreMedical is the trusted staffing agency for some of the country’s largest healthcare systems, home health companies, and long-term care facilities. Whether you’re a small healthcare facility or a large healthcare system, by partnering with Core you’ll gain access to this same pool of more-than-qualified candidates.

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