3 Reasons to Work with an Interim Management Staffing Partner

by CoreMedical Group

CMG_FeaturedImages_3ReasonsInterimManagement_Blog-1-1-1Many equate interim healthcare management to travel nursing or short-term allied health contracts. And, conceptually, it’s very similar. A hospital or healthcare facility looking for temporary staffing solutions seeks out the help of a medical staffing agency to fill their vacancies to provide continuity of care for their patients.

However, staffing for interim leadership roles at the managerial, directorial, or executive levels carries a larger weight. The candidates who fill these roles are decision-makers. They set the tone and model the culture in your facility. And they serve as mentors for your teams.

Most likely, you’re considering interim leadership as an option because you understand how crucial it is to not rush permanent replacements for critical roles like department heads and executives. In fact, according to a Department of Labor statistic, the average cost of a bad hire could be upwards of 30% of their salary!

That’s where a solution like interim healthcare management can help. A trusted medical staffing agency, like CoreMedical, can provide you with a vetted, experienced leader in the short term while your organization takes the time it needs to find the perfect permanent replacement for the role. Or, if short-term coverage is all that’s needed in a leader’s absence, they can provide a tenured healthcare manager that will keep your department on track.

Even still, you may be wondering, “Why should we partner with a staffing agency rather than looking for interim candidates ourselves?”

3 Benefits of Working with a Partner for Interim Management Staffing

1. We Deliver Highly Qualified Interim Candidates Straight to Your Inbox

Did you know that 85% of jobs are filled via networking? When you partner with a medical staffing agency for interim management solutions, you’re expanding your network exponentially. You get the benefit of the existing partnerships we have with reputable healthcare systems and professionals across all 50 states.

These long-standing relationships give us access to candidates who meet your hard-to-find requirements for healthcare management positions. Once we find prospects that fit your unique needs, we take them through an extensive vetting process. After background checks, screenings, evaluations, licensing verifications, and interviews, the best of the best end up in your inbox for final approval.

2. We Streamline the Hiring Process to Take the Heavy-Lifting Off Your Leadership Team

HR generally carries the heaviest load in the hiring process. But when it comes to bringing on a new executive or director, often, the leadership team feels the weight. They are the ones determining the best course of action, looking for qualified candidates, and carrying the additional workload in the meantime.

But with a medical staffing agency, your organization’s leaders can focus on the permanent candidate search without the burden of the additional workload while we handle the ins-and-outs of hiring an interim manager.

Whether an incoming interim leader needs assistance attaining a license or certification quickly, or has questions about onboarding paperwork, policies, or procedures, our recruiters are here to handle every detail for you. And your new interim healthcare leader will hit the ground running!

3. We Offer Industry-Leading Benefits to Our Interim Management Placements

When it comes to hiring temporary positions, especially at the managerial level and above, you may be wondering about benefits. When choosing a staffing agency, it’s imperative to partner with a medical staffing agency that offers a competitive package for those serving in interim healthcare management roles.

We know the value of taking care of our travel healthcare professionals – from travel nurses to our interim leaders. That’s why we offer competitive, industry-leading benefits, such as insurance, housing assistance, licensing support, and even vacation incentives through our Club CoreMed loyalty program, among others.

We’ll make sure our interim leaders are taken care of during their contracts, so you have the time you need to find the permanent candidate who makes the most sense for your organization’s future.

Interim Leadership Needs Now or in the Future

The average length of time an employee stays at a job is just over 4 years. With such a high turnover rate (and only projected to increase), you can see how valuable it is to have an established relationship with a staffing partner, whether you have a need for an interim leader now or in the future.

Are you looking for a medical staffing partner that can help you fill vacancies at all levels – travel nurses to interim leaders?

Learn more about what we can offer your organization today!

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