5 Benefits of Interim Healthcare Leadership Staffing

by CoreMedical Group

CMG_5 Benefits of Interim Healthcare Leadership Staffing

Most likely, you’re already familiar with (and using) travel nursing and allied health staffing to support your medical facility when you need extra hands. But did you know that you can also lean on temporary contracts at the managerial and c-suite level? 

Whether it’s due to retirement, internal promotion, termination, short-term medical leave, or the like, there are numerous reasons you may need an experienced leader to step in temporarily as a department or corporate head.

Commonly referred to as Interim Healthcare Leadership, this type of medical staffing allows you to keep your medical office, hospital, or healthcare system running smoothly in the midst of change and transition without overburdening your management team or reducing the quality of care offered to your patients.

But there’s more – that’s just skimming the surface of the benefits of this mission-critical staffing service. 


5 Key Advantages of Using Interim Healthcare Management

1. Ample Time to Find Your Perfect Healthcare Managerial Candidate

Leadership matters. You don’t want to hire just anyone to direct the trajectory of your healthcare facility or even a single department. Finding the right managerial or c-suite replacement can take time. And that’s where interim clinical management staffing comes in. 

Leaning on a quality interim healthcare staffing agency allows you to take the time you need to find the perfect fit for the role – whether it’s finding a new Chief Nursing Officer, VP, Department Director, or Lead Administrator. Rushing the hiring process at that level could be disastrous! With standard 13-week contracts (that can be extended), interim management gives you time and flexibility when you need it to find the best candidate for the job.


2. Experienced Leadership to Keep Your Department(s) Running Seamlessly

A qualified interim clinical manager will have tenured leadership experience and be able to jump in quickly, acclimate on their own, thrive in a fast-paced environment, and keep a department running seamlessly until a permanent placement is hired. 

Just like you don’t want to hire “just anyone” to fill your vacancies permanently, we don’t place just anyone in an interim management role. We thoroughly vet all applicants through our extensive screening process and provide only the best candidate for interviews – saving you time.


3. Fresh Eyes for Your Medical Facility

Because of their level of experience and qualifications, interim leaders are able to provide an outside perspective on your existing processes and procedures, offering suggestions for improvement. Interim leaders are charged with not only keeping a hospital unit or department together but leaving it better than they found it, which sets your permanent new hire up for future success.


4. Temporary Leader to Make Bold Changes in Your Hospital

Have you ever considered bringing in temporary help to restructure a department? 

This is an often-overlooked advantage, but one that can be a tremendous benefit to a hospital or healthcare system needing to make radical changes. An interim leader who has the right disposition and qualifications can shake things up when tough decisions need to be made. 


5. Reduce Burnout Among Your Existing Leadership 

While it’s far too common, resist the urge to “make do” when there’s a vacancy within your leadership team. Your organization suffers, even in the short-term, and it puts undue stress on the existing management team. 

With increased emphasis on mental health awareness in recent years, take this opportunity to lean on a medical staffing agency for interim leadership. This can reduce overtaxing your c-suite and managerial leaders so they can focus on their areas, rather than stretching themselves too thin, causing burnout, stress, and dysfunction in your organization. 


Start Incorporating Interim Healthcare Management

Do you have a need now for an interim healthcare leader? Is a key department director retiring soon? Will a clinical manager be going on short-term medical leave? Are you needing qualified help with a troubled department?

Our expert recruiters are here to understand your unique requirements and specific interim leadership needs. 

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