Housing Options for Traveling Nurses & Allied Contractors

  • Company provided private: (1) one bedroom or studio apartment
  • Private with co-pay: (2) two or more bedrooms
  • Company provided shared housing: (1) one or (2) two bedrooms – a modest co-pay may be assessed depending on your individual housing requirements.
  • Generous housing stipend if you choose to provide your own  accommodations.


If the utilities are not included through the apartment complex, you will be notified by your housing coordinator and/or travel recruiter, and you will be responsible for turning them on under your name. We will reimburse you, up to $100.00 per month, for your gas, electric, water and/or trash removal (please see our Reimbursement Guidelines PDF for more details).

CoreMedical Group is not responsible for cable, phone and internet.


Co-pays will be assessed for any costs, which is requested beyond our standard housing choices.

Standard Furniture Package (one bedroom)

  • Sofa
  • Love seat or chair
  • End tables
  • Coffee table
  • Two lamps
  • TV with stand
  • Dinette with four chairs
  • One queen bed
  • One nightstand
  • One lamp
  • Dresser/mirror
  • Microwave

If you require additional amenities, such as housewares, we may be able to include a housewares package. Please speak with your travel nursing or allied recruiter for more details.

Pet Policy

If you choose to bring your pet to an assignment, you will be responsible for any pet deposits (refundable and non-refundable) and/or pet rents. Most apartment complexes have strict breed restrictions and/or weight limits which will limit our housing options. Your recruiter can let you know if your pet is on our restricted breed list. Please be sure to advise your recruiter as to the breed and weight of your pet so that our housing coordinators can try to accommodate you and your pet.

CoreMedical Group can not guarantee or be held responsible for the condition and/or location of housing if you choose to bring your pet.

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