Q: How long do contracts usually last?
A: The duration of our assignments can vary broadly. Many of our contract positions begin as six-month to one-year assignments and, depending on the needs of the client, can be extended well beyond that. (TOP)

Q: How soon can I start?
A: Most of our consultants begin work within 1-3 weeks of accepting an offer. (TOP)

Q: My assignment is finished. Now what?
A: If you are close to the end/renewal date of your assignment, you may be offered the option to extend your position. If you choose not to extend, you’ll have the option to re-contract to another CoreMedical Group client. Your recruiter will contact you 4-6 weeks before the end of your assignment to discuss your options. (TOP)

Q: Do you offer referral bonuses?
A: Yes, we have an excellent referral bonus program. Learn more here. (TOP)

Q: Do you offer benefits?
A: Yes. CoreMedical Group proudly offers our consultants some of the industry’s best benefits. Click here to learn more. (TOP)

Q: How often do I get paid?
A: Hourly W2 employees of CoreMedical Group are paid weekly for the previous week’s work. (TOP)

Q: Can I get direct deposit?
A: Yes we offer direct deposit. Please note that there is generally a two-week processing period for direct deposits. (TOP)

Q: Where are your jobs located?
A: We have access to permanent technology jobs in locations across the United States. (TOP)

Q: How much do your permanent placement services cost?
A: Our permanent placement services are absolutely FREE to the candidate. We receive commission from our clients for each successful placement. (TOP)

Q: How do I know you have my best interests in mind?
A: Your success truly is our success. With more than two decades in the staffing industry, and a deep understanding of what drives our clients’ pay scales, we are highly skilled negotiators. Because our commissions are based on the salary we negotiate for you, it’s in our interest to secure you with the best possible package. (TOP)

Q: What if I don’t like my recruiter?
A: It’s our recruiters' job to get to know you and act as your personal liaison. Therefore, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible with your placement counselor. It is perfectly acceptable to request a new CoreMedical Group recruiter. Just ask. (TOP)

Q: What if I have already applied to one of your clients? 
A: Whether or not we are able to represent you to a company where you have already applied typically depends on the time frame. A recent application might preclude us from representing you; however, if more than one year has elapsed, most clients will allow us to submit your resume. Still, to avoid these duplicate applications, we encourage our candidates to not apply directly to clients when working with CoreMedical Group. (TOP)

Q: Who will pay for my benefits?
A: Unlike our contract employees, CoreMedical Group does not cover the benefits of our permanent placement candidates. Instead, your benefits will be provided by the client. Once you accept a position, you are legally an employee of that company, and your benefits will be handled like other full-time employees at that company. (TOP)

To learn more about placement for technology professionals, please contact us.

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