Healthcare IT Staffing for Contract Positions

In the ever-changing, rapidly growing, field of technology, YOU are the most sought after talent. With regulatory deadlines looming and other initiatives such as EMR upgrades and implementations, we are here to help you succeed. This age of advancement is creating momentum for IT professionals with inventive, pragmatic minds who are ready to help take healthcare technology to the next level.

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 You will have access to opportunities that are using cutting-edge technologies being implemented and used by leading healthcare facilities across the country. The experience you gain will drastically enhance your expertise and further next generation technology. You have the skill set, drive, and intelligence. Take the initiative and explore new avenues to your future.

CoreMedical Group can help you find contract or permanent healthcare information technology positions where you’ll have the chance to make a major impact on patient care. We are one of the leading healthcare staffing companies in the country and our experience and connections will give you access to opportunities in top facilities. 

Call 800-995-2673 to learn more about our healthcare IT opportunities!

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