Dental Insurance

Carrier: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Plan Type: PPO
Group #: 343797
Customer Service: 844-729-1565
Provider Directory:
Claims Address: Anthem
PO Box 533 North Haven, CT 06473

In Network Coverage Includes:

PREVENTATIVE 100% Coverage A
BASIC 80% Coverage B (deductibles apply)
MAJOR 50% Coverage C (deductibles apply)

Calendar Year Maximum: $1,000 per person (Coverages A, B, and C combined)
Orthodontics Maximum: $1,500 lifetime per person

*Benefit percentages shown are based upon the actual charge submitted to a maximum of the participating dentist's approved fees, or Anthem's allowance for nonparticipating dentists.

Available products expire on 12/31/2023. Additional services and coverage provided. Please contact your recruiter or contact us at for additional information.

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