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Studying Tips For The SLP Praxis Exam

by Carly Marut, MS, CF-SLP

Ah, the time has finally come! The notorious words slp praxis have now been added to your everyday graduate student vocabulary. Like every Speech-Language Pathology professional before me, I’m going to tell you the same, “Do not panic,” yet I will hopefully be unlike the rest in that I will give you my absolute best tips to make your experience as smooth as possible! Oh yeah, and get you that “qualifying score.”

Quick SLP Praxis Exam Info:

  • Held at an official testing center
  • Online format; no paper and pencil needed
  • No math, no calculators
  • 132 multiple choice questions
  • Qualifying score needed: 162
  • Purchase of testing ticket gets you four FREE score recipients. Choose wisely!

My four recommendations for score recipients:

  1. Graduate university
  2. Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Committee
  3. Department of Education
  4. ASHA

1. Schedule the SLP Praxis near your graduate comprehensive exam

At my particular university, we were required to: take courses, attend an outside externship, write a thesis, and take a comprehensive exam which covered topics from every SLP class we took in the program. Long story short, this required a lot of my time and a lot of studying, so scheduling the tests around the same time meant killing many birds with one stone!

2. Take a practice test

When buying your testing ticket on the ETS website, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing their Interactive Practice Test. Be mindful, this is a limited 90-day subscription! Once activated, you only have 90 days to use it! This is an authentic, full-length practice test which simulates a real testing experience. It is computer-delivered and timed, so make sure you schedule uninterrupted time to take this test! Just like the Praxis, you will be able to “mark” questions and come back to them. In-depth explanations are also provided with every question, which is super helpful! I personally took this test many times, over and over until I got 100% and fully understood each rationale. HEADS UP! When ETS advertises these questions as “authentic”, TRUST THEM !! This provided me with immense amounts of comfort and gave me many sighs of relief when I sat for my test.

3. Use a review book

Like many other successful Praxis survivors, I recommend An Advanced Review of Speech Language Pathology: Preparation for the Praxis SLP and Comprehensive Examination. At the time, I used the fourth edition (2016 tester speaking). Highlight, mark it up, tab it up to your heart’s content; it’s yours and it was expensive!

4. Create your studying timeline

I personally gave myself about six months to study and I was extremely comfortable with this amount of time. Sometimes, I would have spurts of eagerness where I did more and others where I did nothing, yet I had plenty of time in the end. Keep in mind, I was also preparing for more than just my Praxis, so make the personal call.

5. Create your studying plan

The way I began to study was simple, because I didn’t want to overwhelm myself even more than I already was in my own mind.

First off, I took my review book with me everywhere I went. To put it in the most simplistic terms, I read the book many times, but differently every time. First time around, I read it extremely simply. My mind was open; I was running over concepts generally and not reading into anything deeply or memorizing anything. Best case scenario, I shot for one chapter a day. I reviewed little bits in the morning, greater amounts while at my externships during lunch, little bits at night and did heavier reading on my free days/weekends. Then I read the book maybe 2-3 additional times. This is when I highlighted, tabbed, and made many handwritten notes within my book — it looked CRAZY! Finally, utilize the ETS testing website for test prep tutorials as well as the Study Companion.

SLP Praxis Day

  • Bring only what you need: your printed ticket and photo ID
  • No extra clothing, pens, pencils etc.
  • Use the bathroom before you enter
  • You might be scanned with a metal detector

SLP Praxis Tips

  • Go to sleep early! Do not pull an all-nighter: you’ll need your stamina
  • Hydrate! Your brain needs it!
  • No trick questions: they are written to be straight forward
  • If you don’t know, guess!

My final words of advice to you as a fellow SLP Praxis test taker and speech language clinician is to remember that everyone is different, just like the clients we [will] serve! These are my personal study tips that helped me get through my test and pass with an above average testing score. On the other hand, depending on your unique learning style, you might want to add in a little more/less and that’s completely okay! There isn't one specific “recipe” to passing: just take a deep breath and do your best!


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