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CoreMedical Group's Response to COVID-19

by CoreMedical Group

CoreMedical Group's Response to COVID-19

To all our healthcare colleagues: We are committed to helping you all navigate the challenges facing all of us. It is our hope that the information and resources below will provide answers to some of your questions and offer assistance.

All of our current travel healthcare professionals have already received details on our policies and procedures surrounding COVID-19. We will continue to keep everyone updated as new programs are passed by government officials through email, social media, and with regular updates to this blog. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Pay and Benefits Support

We are here to support our travel healthcare employees as we all navigate the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation across the United States. If you are exposed to COVID-19 as a result of your occupational responsibilities while at a CoreMedical Group client and the client places you on a mandatory quarantine as a result of exposure, CoreMedical Group is committed to paying you for up to one 14 day period, based on the terms outlined in your contract. You will also retain all of your benefits, including health insurance, during this time. We are here to support all of our healthcare colleagues. Your dedication to your patients is invaluable. Speak with your recruiter for additional details. 

Anthem Updated Coverage for Enrolled Members (Updated 8/3/2020)

Anthem will provide testing for COVID-19, along with the care visit where the testing takes place, with no out of pocket costs. There is no end date for this benefit as of 8/3/2020. 

Anthem is extending coverage for COVID-19 care through December 31, 2020. Treatment for COVID-19 will be covered with no co-pays or cost sharing as long as treatment is received from doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals in the plan's network. 

Telehealth visits with health care providers in-network will be covered at no cost to the member through September 13, 2020. This includes visits that are not related to COVID-19. We encourage you to ask your health care providers if they offer telehealth visit options. 

Members also have the opportunity to use the Sydney Care Mobile App to chat with a doctor. The first two sessions are free through December 31, 2020. Additional text visits are $19 each. 

Special Health Coverage Enrollment Opportunity - Closed

Anthem is allowing employers who choose to offer a Special Enrollment period until Wednesday, April 15th  for health coverage enrollments. The deadline has passed. Typically without a Special Enrollment Period employees wanting to elect coverage after waiving new hire enrollment or open enrollment would need a qualifying event or wait until our annual open enrollment to elect. CoreMedical Group chose to participate in this option to provide our employees the ability to reassess their healthcare needs. This coverage enrollment extension is now closed.

Jobs, Housing, and Licensing


Our Jobs

CoreMedical Group is working diligently to support our candidates and clients by continuing  to staff healthcare facilities across the county. We are now available 7 days a week to assist our candidates in finding new placements in all 50 states. As updates occur, our job availability is changing rapidly. Keep an eye on our Job Search page for new travel, perm, and locum opportunities.

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We're committed to offering our travel nurses and therapists the guidance and support needed to find housing while on assignment. Our Relocation Specialists will work with you to find housing that suits your needs. 

View Our Housing  Options


Changes to licensing protocol are occurring rapidly as hospitals have increased needs. Our Licensing Coordinators and Credentialing Specialists are monitoring all updates to necessary verifications, processing times, and process modifications.

Identification and Essential Personnel Verification

We ask that travelers be aware of their current state status and prepare accordingly if a Shelter in Place order goes into effect. Please carry your photo identification. We recommend that all travelers carry their CMG photo ID badge or their facility issued ID badge as proof of essential personnel status as a healthcare professional, especially if you are currently working in a state with a Shelter in Place order.

Should you need a letter of confirmation of your essential personnel status, please reach out to CoreMedical Group’s HR department by emailing verification@coremedicalgroup.com.  A verification letter will be drafted for your current assignment, and emailed back to you within 24 hours.

Telemedicine Options - LiveHealth Online

Every employee of CoreMedical Group has access to our telemedicine provider, LiveHealth Online. If you are not feeling well, mentally or physically, you can get the support you need from the comfort of your own home. When you use this tool you can have a video visit with a board certified doctor, psychiatrist, or licensed therapist from your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can learn more by viewing this LiveHealth Online PDF

Access LiveHealth Online

1.  Go to www.livehealthonline.com or
      ◾ Click here to download the app from Google Play or
      ◾ Click here to download the app from the Apple Store
2.  Register as a new user
3.  Participate in your video visit

For Medical Services

  • ◾ If you are on an Anthem Medical with CoreMedical Group Plan your cost per visit.
  • ◾ If you are not enrolled in an Anthem plan your cost will be $59.00 per online visit.

For Mental Health Services

  • ◾ If you are on an Anthem Medical Plan with CoreMedical Group your cost per visit.
  • ◾ If you are not enrolled in an Anthem plan your cost will be $95.00 per online visit.

If you are not on a CoreMedical Group plan and are interested in this type of service you may want to check with the administrator of your plan to see if a telemedicine option is available to you and your family.

Telemedicine Options - Anthem's Sydney Care App

Screen yourself for free through the NEW Sydney Care app.

  • ◾ Assess your risk for free based on CDC guidance
  • ◾ Get personalized guidance about what to do next
  • ◾ Connect with doctors via text chat or video
  • ◾ Read curated information from authoritative sources

Download the NEW Sydney Care App

      ◾ Click here to download the app from Google Play or
      ◾ Click here to download the app from the Apple Store

Sydney Care App Symptom Checker

Included in Sydney is the always-free Symptom Checker - a chat bot-like feature that allows you to go through a process similar to how doctors diagnose patients. Each question you answer narrows down your potential health conditions so that you can find the best treatment options fast. 

Sydney Care App Virtual Text Visits

Connect with a board-certified physician through the Sydney app's Virtual Text Visit feature. Through a secure, private chat, talk with  doctor about your symptoms. Your physician will be able to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan, write prescriptions, order lab tests, or refer you to a specialist. Please note that this service is not available in all states. 

While a Virtual Care Text is usually $19 for Anthem members, Anthem is waiving the fee for your first Virtual Text Visit. Any additional visits will cost users $19 each.

Anthem's 24/7 NurseLine - 1-800-337-4770

Call Anthem's 24/7 NurseLine at 1-800-337-4770 to speak directly to a registered nurse, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The call is toll-free and the service is available anytime. Your nurse can help answer your health-related questions. Plus, your call is confidential.

NurseLine has trained nurses to ask additional probing questions to members with respiratory symptoms and coached nurses to use updated HealthWise Connect COVID-10 information and the CDC website.

Anthem's Original Sydney App

Sydney is an application provided by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. This app allows Anthem Medical Plan users access to their personalized healthcare coverage. You can use Sydney to find a doctor in your network, review claims, review coverage, and receive a copy of your ID card.

Download the original Sydney App

      ◾ Click here to download the app from Google Play or
      ◾ Click here to download the app from the Apple Store

Employee Assistance Program

CoreMedical Group would also like to remind our healthcare community of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available to you. Anthem’s EAP provides access to quality, confidential counseling and referral services. Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, or other daily work and life challenges there is someone who can help. Our AEP is sponsored by CoreMedical Group, so it is available for you to access quickly, easily, and at no cost to you, your dependents, or household members.

Our EAP addresses a variety of issues, including:

  • ◾ Child care and parenting
  • ◾ Helping aging parents
  • ◾ Financial issues
  • ◾ Legal concerns
  • ◾ Work and career
  • ◾ Emotional well-being
  • ◾ Addiction and recovery
  • ◾ Wellness and prevention
  • ◾ Life events
  • ◾ Coping with stress and change
  • ◾ Relationship issues
  • ◾ Resources to support work/life
  • balance
  • ◾ Dealing with traumatic events

Your EAP can connect you to a therapist and other resources that can help you. Get the support you need by calling your EAP toll-free number: 800-865-1044 or visit anthemeap.com. For login information, please contact CoreMedical Benefits at benefits@coremedicalgroup.com

Other Resources

In this section we will be sharing additional news and resources you may find helpful while navigating current challenges.

1.  Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention

2.  World Health Organization (WHO) 

3. Video: Explanation of Coronavirus for Kids

     ◾ This 2-minute video explains Coronavirus is, how it spreads, and preventative measures in kid-friendly language.

3. Information on COVID-19 from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

4. Free Online CEU - Preparing for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Influenza: Free Online Training & Resources

     ◾ CoreMedical Group offers free online CEU courses through CE Direct®. This new CEU is available  for healthcare professionals and individuals seeking more information.

Once again, we want to thank you for all that you do, today and everyday. Should you have any additional questions or resources we should add to this growing list, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


*Please Note: All COVID-19 response information is subject to change at any time as needed. 


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