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Chapter Three: 4 Reasons Travel Physical Therapists Have the Best Jobs

by CoreMedical Group

4 Reasons Traveling Physical Therapists have the Best Jobs

Thinking of becoming a traveling physical therapist? With a variety of PT and PTA jobs available across the country, it makes sense to take advantage of travel therapy as an investment in yourself and your career. Here are four reasons why being a traveling physical therapist is the best job you can get right now.

  1. Great Benefits with Minimum Commitment

PT jobs may already offer a great schedule, but travel PT jobs tend to offer scheduling flexibility along with higher pay. This may not be the most important aspect of travel therapy jobs, but it is certainly on lots of PT’s minds when looking at travel therapy companies.

By becoming a traveling physical therapist (or traveling occupational therapist), you quickly can take some of the pressure off your finances and pay off school loans faster. Plus, the more experience you gain as a travel therapy professional, the better your chances are at finding the right PT jobs that fulfill your personal and professional desires.

  1. Easily Satisfy Your Wanderlust

So you want to see the country, but you want the stability of a job and housing when you arrive at your new destination? Try becoming a traveling physical therapist!

With travel therapy jobs, you can wander the U.S. exploring different culinary flavors, new cultures, and tons of adventures every thirteen to twenty-six weeks. Climb mountains, visit museums, see a Broadway show, or catch some rays at a beach along the Pacific Ocean. The choices are endless for traveling physical therapists.

Each travel PT assignment creates an opportunity to explore different destinations. By using a trusted travel therapy recruiter, you can be an explorer without the worry of finding reliable income or a place to stay.

  1. Meet New People in New Places

As a traveling physical therapist, every three months you can check off exciting experiences with minimum limitations. Attend world renowned festivals, volunteer for causes that are close to your heart, visit crazy tourist traps, and do it all while making new friends. Enrich your experiences by joining local communities like hiking groups, knitting circles, and film clubs.

You also can learn new skills and expertise from mentors within your field. Many times therapists get bored with their positions because they aren’t being challenged. With travel PT jobs, you can discover the best practices from your peers all over the country, increase your personal and professional connections, and become a better physical therapist.

  1. Advance Your Career

Along the same lines as meeting new mentors, you can also benefit from working in a variety of professional environments while taking on traveling PT or PTA jobs. Traveling not only allows you to see the sights outside of work, but provides you priceless experience with professionals in your field. Become more familiar with a range of EMR and documentation systems, state laws, and patient care methodology while satisfying your desire to travel.

Whether you’re interested in inpatient rehabilitation, long-term care, home health or outpatient orthopedics, you can find a travel physical therapy assignment that suits your needs and advances your career. Shorter assignments with travel therapy companies allow for smooth transitions from one facility to the next, preparing you to become a well-rounded and more desirable candidate for future PT jobs.

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Have a specific location in mind? We have travel nursing, travel allied, Locum Tenens, and permanent healthcare career opportunities in all 50 states. Search our healthcare job database to find the 


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